The 8 Weeks to SEALFIT Advanced Training Guide by Mark Divine is a the training guide to the SEALFIT Physical Training Program. This is the same guide . Plan your dive, component of SEAL FIT training. Navy SEAL Hell Week Going to the gym FITNESS ABCs – International Fitness Association. SEALFIT training is so demanding that the casual gym-goer looking to fitness instructor Mark Divine, the author of “8 Weeks to SEALFIT: a.

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Return to Book Page. This is the same guide Coach Divine provides t his Academy students. PaperbackSecondpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

8 weeks to SEALFIT

Lists with This Book. I have been working out for about 3 years in a row. This is the longest time that I have gone in one period. I would not say that I am a fitness nut but I do and have seen the benefits of my workouts.

I work out hard 5 days a week. I do a mixture of weights and cardio.

Recently, I have been checking out the web and books for new ideas to spice up my workouts. No so much of a machine and run on the treadmill type of gal. Not to say that there is anything wrong with running on the treadmill as I h I have been working out for about 3 years in a row. Not to say that there is anything wrong with running on the treadmill as I have done it many times when I was working out on my own.

However it gets real old quick. Plus I find that if I am in a class that I push myself harder and I am competitive. So this factor motivates me a lot. So back to the book. I was curious to see what type of workout the SEALs do to keep in shape. I know they were really hard both physically and mentally.

I was actually surprised to see how many of the featured exercises in ths book, I was familiar with and am currently already performing in my workout classes. I agree with everything that Mr. Divine said about the mental aspect. It is not just purely about the physical but mental as well. I know there are times when I want to just give up but then the teacher is asking if I got a little more and knowing I am almost to the end gives me that little extra strength to continue and show myself that I could do it.


Divine writes this book in a very easy and understandable way. I do this when I take my Crossfit class. Plus, it is easy to follow if you are on your own. This is a good book to give a tk person that wants a challenge. Truly one of the best books I have read. Not only does it give you the best exercises to push your limits but even the examples and true life events of this great Seal to motivate the reader to greater heights!

Seals all the way! Jan 21, Jen Fader rated it liked it. Great seslfit look at mental toughness training within the CrossFit context.

I will NEVER nor do I really want to be SEALworthy I dread being cold and wet when I get out the shower, let alone for hours at weems time mixed in with sleep deprivation but this is a very thought provoking look at the connection between mental control and physical prowess.

Apr 24, Go Franklin rated it really liked it. This was a good book.

SEALFIT training takes crossfit to the extreme, but it may be too intense for many –

I found the information about training visualization, goal setting, mindset, etc. I do mostly bodyweight for now, so the part of the book that covered cleans, etc.

Either way, nice book and something that I want to return to once I get to a gym or more fitness equipment in the apartment. Mar 21, Joao Henrique Machado Silva rated it really liked it. Nice and fast book to get you into the mindset to start training. Great Best Program ever. Feb 09, Craig rated it liked it.

Good workout routines – very Taoist weeis nature. I have no reason not to give this book 5-stars. It is what it says it is. There is a lot of information on mental training that I was already aware of from other brain retraining programs.

He uses brain retraining techniques that are known to work and be effective. The only thing that I’m not sure about is the Paleo diet that he sralfit. I haven’t done enough research to make a decision on the aspects of that, but I’ve been meaning to and I intend to. If you want to take your body and mind wh I have no reason not to give this book 5-stars. If you want to take your body and mind where you’ve never been before, then I believe this program can take you there. Jan 11, Johanna rated it really liked it.

Picked it up from the library for the mental training tips I’m not looking to do a dozen pull-ups! Excellent mental advice for any sport. Helped me on my long training run the day after I read it.


SEALFIT training takes crossfit to the extreme, but it may be too intense for many

Also reinforced the idea of limiting sugars and grains for optimal exercise and health. Follows the KISS principle and is a succinct and info-packed read. The timing for reading this book couldn’t have been better. It has been life changing in a time when I was ready for change. It’s very rare for me to finish a book, turn to page one, and start again immediately. This will get at least two reads and probably more. I want the mental lessons to fully marinate in my mind.

Feb 23, Kelly rated it really liked it. Looks like a great workout series. Plus relatively easy to do a lot of these on the road with little equipment.

I’d like to pull this back out in November after cycling season and do the whole program as prescribed. Dec 02, Lyg rated it really liked it. Read, but did not do the training. Would’ve liked to, but the library wants it back because there four others weekd line. I already owe fines for it. Good insights, I made a couple notes, but I want to but the book and work through it.

Apr 20, Nicholas Cho rated it it was amazing. Informative book that provides variety of workouts for specific areas of the body. The book sealgit explains increasing different types of power functional strength, stamina, work capacity, etc.

8 weeks to SEALFIT by Mark Divine

Great book for those who are stepping into the realm of fitness. Mar 08, Ahmad Nazeri rated it really liked it.

Jul 16, Donald McArthur rated it liked it. Read but have not done, hope to try in the fall or early winter. Triton rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Bill Lloyd rated it really liked it Mar 25, David N Ford rated it liked it Feb 07, Brad rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Michael Overa rated it liked it May 28, Scott rated it it was ok Feb 18, Jeff Grant rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Katie rated it really liked it Jul 07, Sammer Abdin rated it really liked it Apr 08, Manuel iser rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Shad Mika rated it really liked it Oct 25, Mark Jacobson rated it it was amazing Jun 15, Lauri Wolfe rated it it was amazing Dec 31,