ICS, Doc ID, STANAG Ed 6. Title, CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – AECTP Edition 1. Original Title. Category, TS. Location. AECTP (Edition 1) Leaflet /2 World-wide Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Conditions and Levels of Direct Solar Radiation Additional Climatic. NATO AECTP CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. Amendment by NATO Publication, 05/01/ This document is an amendment. View the base document.

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Pressure tight components or pressure relief mechanisms may be of value to maintain materiel performance and reliability. Exceptions could include periods of tactical transportation in enclosed areas of military vehicles such as trucks, personnel carriers, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft or in temporary buildings.

AECTP gives test procedures that may be used for simulating climatic environments that may be experienced by materiel deployed on, or installed in, land-based vehicles. Therefore equivalent or lower levels of RH may be assumed to occur inside nominally dry aircraft compartments or similar areas of individual materiel subjected to induced high temperatures.

Clogging or seizure of mechanical devices. This information should include the geographical areas where the materiel is likely to aextp deployed, and the detailed logistical requirements for the materiel.

Dust deposits inside materiel may cause short-circuiting of insulators, tracking and build-up of static electricity, interference between moving parts, and contamination aecyp lubrication systems. Humidity Storage and handling problems occur in enclosures experiencing high humidity. Some items of materiel may be located in refrigerated areas.

Where internal ambient temperatures or temperature levels of individual components are of concern, expected temperature levels should be estimated using thermal analysis programs incorporating the influences given above supported by specific measurements made in representative conditions. Pressure Levels of overpressure used to seal vehicle compartments are benign.

If the effects of static electricity are thought to be significant see Paragraph 3. Factors influencing conditions include the level of ventilation and operational machinery contained in the compartment. Dimensional changes and permanent sets, reducing effectiveness of gaskets and seals. Materiel may experience transient temperatures when moving or being moved from one place to another that has different climatic environments.


Condensation and Drip a. zectp

AECTP – What does AECTP stand for? The Free Dictionary

Pressure Pressure sensitive devices designed to detect and respond to small changes in pressure may incur permanent damage during air carriage in cargo bays of transport aircraft. The heavier particles thrown up by vehicle tracks and wheels are likely to be found up to around one metre above the surface and quickly return to the ground, while fine dust can remain suspended in the atmosphere at higher altitudes for days.

In many cases, man mounted and portable materiel will be directly exposed to the prevailing meteorological conditions during deployment beyond forward storage bases. Air conditioned compartments The levels of precipitation associated with condensation on overhead surfaces and emergencies such as fractured and leaking joints in water pipes are unpredictable.

Materiel may be subject to dripping water as a result of condensation formed when cold overhead surfaces meet warm moist air, for example materiel carried on vehicles fitted with air conditioning systems, when used in temperate and tropical regions. Where applicable, the value of overpressure likely to be experienced should be agreed between the aircraft manufacturer or operator and the design authority for the installed materiel. The platform may be in different configurations e. Materiel carried in covered vehicles a.

Where the capacity of the test facility allows, test severities representative of meteorological conditions, including radiative heating, may be applied to a simulated structure or enclosure containing the test item s.

European Defence Agency – EDSTAR

Crazing of protective finishes. Absorption zectp moisture by non metallic materials causing: Temperature and humidity a. Diurnal cycling about the freezing point may result in alternate freezing and thawing of accumulations possibly hidden pockets of moisture condensed out of the atmosphere inside the vehicle. AECTP series of leaflets are organised around classes of materiel items. Aecttp level of immersion may be experienced by internally fitted materiel dependent on the efficiency of sealing of doors and hatches.


NATO-AECTP 230:2009

AECTP does not address all environments arising from accident, hostile conditions or nuclear effects. Careful consideration of the configuration of the test item, within its enclosure where applicable, is required when simulating the effects of solar heating.

Levels of relative humidity RH during operational phases will depend on the provision of natural and forced air cooling and heat and moisture dissipated by installed equipment.

Icing may be counteracted by on-board de-icing systems. Partial And Non-Conditioned Compartments Materiel fitted inside unventilated equipment bays and similar areas of air-carried stores deployed on parked, un-powered aircraft are likely to experience high levels of humidity. To assist test engineers in preparing test specifications by indicating which test methods are preferred when considering how to test for specific climatic environmental effects.

Although heat dissipated by equipment while operating will help to reduce the relative humidity, heating and cooling associated with its duty cycle may aetcp aggravate the sectp.

ProMIL 150 NATO Stretcher Platform

A similar situation applies to materiel air dropped from conditioned cargo bays of fixed-wing transport aircraft or brought up from below decks on naval vessels, for example, when operating in low temperature regions. Packaging and distribution of goods 203 Drag Test of Document D.

Air Pressure Materiel is liable to experience air pressure above local ambient when installed in internal compartments of military vehicles which employ overpressure to prevent contamination of vehicle compartments by ingress of the external atmosphere during periods of chemical and biological exposure.

Test severities used in the simulation of induced temperature and humidity conditions should be based on information given in Xectp and Environmental Requirements documents.