White Stains has ratings and 7 reviews. Jeff said: Degradation, depravity and odes to fellatio. Yes, the folks of the late ‘s-early ‘s new ho. Other Works by Aleister Crowley: Plays, Fiction, and other originally unnumbered works. WHITE STAINS THE LITERARY REMAINS OF GEORGE ARCHIBALD BISHOP A NEUROPATH OF THE SECOND EMPIRE (Aleister Crowley) Transcribed.

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The cup is drained of lust’s delight, Yet wells with pleasure, and by night I’ll come once more and loving lie Between thine amorous whits, despite That we must part and love must die. How dare he write of desecrating a corpse! Sgains within Where we two cling together, and hot kisses Stray to and fro amid the wildernesses Of swart curled locks!

We shall be weary of kisses, weary of all the caresses Man or his shite of shame dream or devise or obtain; Cover the white limbs ashamed with the fiery impassionate tresses, Once for a bed to delight, now for a covering to pain. The raison d’etre, though, of their publication, is worthy of especial notice. Oh, how I curse thee, God! Oublie done, en lisant, toute faute De moi qui ecris cette dedicace Faible, d’une lyre mal attunee; Souviens-toi seul de l’admiration haute Qui a fait naitre, d’eternelle grace, La fleur d’une loyale amitie.

Her silky breath no longer fans my ears; I dream I float on some forgotten stream that hath a saviour still of death, A sweet warm smell of hidden flowers whose heavy petals kiss the sun, Fierce tropic poisons crlwley one that fume and sweat through forest hours; They grow in darkness, heat beguiles their sluggish kisses, in the wood They breathe no murmur that is good, and Satan in their blossom smiles. Death shall come slow and soft, with the stealthy tread of a leopard; While the few stars have grown dim, as he seeks for an innocent prey.


Come to a lover’s arms that grow divine At the first eloquent embrace of thine, While pulses in wild unison warmly beat.

Only let One incense- flame burn red and low, Regild the golden coronet, Gleam on her nude lewd hips, and glow On hours of weariless desire, A bastard and infernal fire. I flung myself before her, ‘Love, forgive!

Dawn brings reason back, and the violet eyes grow sadder, Eyes that were red in the dark, eyes of enfevered desire. Peter Ek rated it really liked it Jul 08, There is, however, no doubt that in he quarrelled with his family; went over to Paris, where he settled down, at first, like every tufthead, somewhere in the Quartier Latin; later, with Mathilde Doriac, the whitf woman who became his mistress and held to him through all the terrible tragedy of his moral, mental, and physical life, in the Rue du Faubourg-Poissonniere.

My fires are fed. In a corner of Paris this young poet for in his nature the flower of poesy did spring, did even take root and give some promise of a brighter bloom, till stricken and blasted in latter years by the lightning of his own sins was steadily writing day after day, night after night, often working forty hours at a time, work which he destined to entrance the world. Variations of sodomy, pederasty, bestiality, and necrophilia are interwoven with gleeful aleiser in this seminal collection of poetry by Aleister Crowley.

Hilariously bad–like a fifteen year old JUST deciding to be naughty. What follows is a selection of stanzas that reflect this defilement:. Love and delight pouring out, in a fearless insatiate measure, Out of the chalice of lust, scarlet o’errunning its gold.

White Stains by Aleister Crowley

Hell-fire within my heart! Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu. The subjects revolve around desire, sex, spirituality and worship. This chiefest task Thou wouldst not do. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Is it for the deceased or for the living to take our minds off of our inevitable whjte fatal emulation? Anathema foederis nefandi, jugeris immondi, flagitii contra Amorem, contra Staisn, contra Deum, in saecula praesit Amen!


Such delight Is on me I would fain sigh into sleep [35] Until my love comes forth to dream with me Of silent words of love and peopled stars Where we may live and love and never weep Nor yet sgains weary. As swords that flash forget the rust That clings them round, as fighting men Forget their wounds, with no distrust Of death.

Come, some new devilry to reinspire My lips with alister laughter! My perjured priests, The wolves that raven through my flock, Nay, wolves in shepard’s garb, wild beasts That fang and tear my lambs, and mock At Judah’s stock.

Jesus would lure me: Customers who bought this item also bought.

Is it worth reading? Perdurabo, Revised and Expanded Edition: Tiger the Sin nor her son cannot tame!

Thinkst thou that I will fructify Now, at thine own good time, thy dead And barren bed? Come, filthy draught of fire!

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Return to Book Page. Nov 23, Fiona Robson rated it liked it. She had the misfortune to contract, in the last few days of her life with him, the same terrible disease which he describes in the last poem of this collection. This fixes the date of the child’s birth at And day grew dusk, and twilight turned to night, And her vast coffin stood at hand.