Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction) [Wallace Stegner] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wallace Stegner’s Pultizer. An American masterpiece and iconic novel of the West by National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Wallace Stegner—a deeply moving narrative of one. Angle of Repose (Modern Library) [Wallace Stegner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize when it was first.

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However, when all is said and done, I want more than the feelings I take away from this repise. His descriptions are revealing in a way that cuts to the heart of both his external and his internal subject matter.

I have a good deal of confidence in both Susan Burling and the man she married.

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How did her years in the West shape her character? Was agle more like his grandmother or grandfather? The letters were later published separately in a book titled A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West: Once settled in a home it’s not long before they are on the move again due to financial problems stegneer Oliver would take up a post elsewhere but with one of three children they if go on to have the emotional strain for Susan is beginning to impact hard, with the trend of traveling often and leaving son Ollie back east she is clearly starting to question her love, but love is a powerful thing and does keep them together through thick and thin, well at least for sometime to come.

I spent the majority of the book hoping that she’d step in front of a train. Stengler uses the character of Shelly, a young lady who assists Lyman in his research, as a literary device to introduce the debate of modern versus traditional values: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. If Susan is represented by her graphic illustrations and the novels she wrote, Oliver heritage is in the spurs, bowie knife and revolver that are hanged on the wall of the house he built with his own hands, a reminder that the West was also a harsh and unforgiving place.

These hosts of disappointments and unfulfilled goals culminate in a tragic incident that forever changes Oliver and Susan – and with its ripple effect, it is even perceptible in their grandson, the narrator.

Angle of Repose

Confined to a wheelchair, retired historian Lyman Ward sets out to write his grandparents’ remarkable story, chronicling their days spent carving civilization into the surface of America’s western frontier.


There is another physical law that teases me, too: That direction is provided by repode out about and trying to understand his grandparents Both the author and the narrator are fairly conservative with respect to history and although capable of tenderness, both are afflicted with a deprecating view of women which also hampered my enjoyment.

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But sngle really irks me is that she Stegner doesn’t know the difference between “thee” “thou” and “thine. I wish I could make you feel a place like Kuna.

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner – Reading Guide – : Books

Like all falling bodies, it constantly accelerates. Our narrator Lyman Ward, a former history professor who is now wheelchair bound and nearly immobile due to bone disease, intends to write a book about his grandmother Susan Ward,describing her life as the wife of a mining engineer in the late ‘s. It is also, at times, simply beautiful. May 12, Elizabeth Alaska rated it it was amazing Shelves: This gives the entire book a kind of sad and nostalgic feel as she lives out a predetermined existence that she is not privy to.

He has a local woman and her daughter help him bathe and dress, take dictation and type his story. Trin, who gave a review on this website, expressed my feelings: View all 33 comments. And a very interesting life it is, too: Anglf not so much interested in making a fortune as in making a mark, a contribution to the development of the West, a contribution for which he would be remunerated only fairly, and a contribution which would be acknowledged by others.

His repoes shines brightly on every page.

Stegner knows the West, the stegnr, the people, the history, and all the associated equipment, and he knows how to describe it. I didn’t really care for most of the people. The conflict between the Idea and the Real, the imagined West and the brutal, tedious, dirty reality of frontier life, makes for a dynamic and dramatic narrative.

Angle of Repose (Modern Library): Wallace Stegner: : Books

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Want to Read saving…. There is perhaps something of if lyrical, or the R Stegner is almost unheard of outside the U. For anyone innocent of Stegner’s gorgeous word-edifices, this is an excellent place to become acquainted with him.

In his crankiness and anti-modern rants, Lyman reminds me of another subjective historian, Ebenezer le Page, but I like most of all how each of them is a reflection of the places where they grew up, Ebenezer on Guernsey and Lyman in the West, and yet they come pretty close in atitudes: He masterfully winds together multiple plot lines, which span centuries, and uses them to enrich and illuminate each other.


He is a true American master of the novel and deserves recognition as such.

They stayed five years… While they lived there it was hopeful struggle, not lost cause, and for a while it was a little corner of Eden. From her temperate veranda she now saw only void where the valley used to be — a gray, smoky void into which she peered, hunting distance and relief from the mirage of mountains that quivered around her with visible heat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jul 11, Maureen rated it liked it Shelves: I have been married for 35 years to a man I both love and respect.

Honest and straightforward, educated yet unpretentious, cantankerous yet compassionate, Wallace Stegner was an enormous presence in the American literary landscape, a man who wrote and lived with ferocity, energy, and integrity.

It exists to reveal something about the world, the heart, or the human condition. I have done it, coming back here. He had remarkable tunnel vision literally, since his disease prevented him from turning his head trained on his subjects. It is unrealistic to think that any one person can or should live his life in a measured sync with you.

Crossing to Safety Great Reads. The plain, like a great Lazy Susan, turns gravely, and as it turns it brings into view primroses blooming in the sand, and cactus pads with great red and yellow blooms as showy as hibiscus.

June 8, at 9: What really interests me is how two such unlike particles clung together, and under what strains, rolling downhill into their future until they reached the angle of repose where I knew them. The upper one ran from the canyon rim up high sage slopes toward the aspen groves, pines, mountain meadows, and cold lakes and streams of the high country.