PDF | The present study aims to evaluate the therapeutic properties of the medicinal plants (Vitex negundo, Aegle marmelos and Boswellia serrata) for their . Abstract To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo (VN) leaf extract and its mechanism of action in experimental animals. Carrageenin induced. Abstract. The present study was undertaken to assess the anti-inflammatory effect of ethanolic extract of Vitex negundo roots in rats.

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Inhibitory effect of Vitex-negundo extract on oxytocin induced contractions in rat uterus in a dose dependant manner.

Curcumin was used as positive control. The easy availability of this plant, coupled with its reported usefulness in arthritic disorders prompted us to further explore its antiinflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo.

The test drug showed significant anti-inflammatory activity inflammafory dose dependant manner in both experimental models. Natural phenolic in the prevention of UV-induced skin damage: The same procedure was repeated at 30 min 1, 2, 3 h.

These findings are in agreement to findings of Dharmasiri et al. Procedure Thirty minutes after drug or test compound extracts administration, 0. A mark was put on the leg at the malleolus actvity facilitate uniform dipping at subsequent readings. A herbarium specimen of this plant has been deposited at Principal K.


Group I received distilled water and served as control. Pathological Basis inflammatoy Disease. The leaves were dried under shade and were ground to form the smooth powder.

DX 7 days, orally showed significant reduction of both wet as well as dry weights of granuloma in dose dependent manner, when compared to control with maximum effect in mg kg -1 dose of the test drug showing Animals Albino rates of either sex weighing gm were procured from Animal House of Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan, and were selected in the study.

The difference between 1 h and subsequent hours reading was taken as actual edema volume [ 12 ].

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Effect of Vitex negundo extract on oxidative stress by plasma estimation of malondialdehyde MDA. More over anti-ulcer activity of VN reported by Sahni et al. Open in a separate window.

The pastes of annti are applied externally to treat the bites of poisonous animals [ 7 ]. Confirmation of the antiinflammatory activity in animal models further justifies the traditional use of this plant for inflammatory disorders.

Animals were observed for clinical signs and mortality, continuously for first 2 h. The present study indicated VN to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity in dose dependent manner against acute as well as sub-acute inflammatory experimental models.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Hence the extract was standardized in terms of total polyphenol content and found to contain Antioxidant functions of carotenoids. Due to increase in frequency of intake of synthetic drug and their side effect, there is need to focus on herbal drug having fewer side effect.


The plant was collected from local area of Sevagram in the month of June, It belongs to the family Verbanaceae [ 4 ]. X 7 days orally and Ibuprofen mg kg -1 B. Ascorbic acid protects lipid in human plasma and low density lipoprotein against oxidative damage. Present study showed that hydroalcoholic leaves extract of Vitex negundo and Murraya koenigii significantly reduce paw edema when compared with group I Toxicant control rats and the result were dose dependent.

Where as, the results are contrary to the findings of Sahni et al. Dose selection of test drug was based on previously reported studies Telang et al. Albino rates of either sex weighing gm were procured from Animal House of Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota, Rajasthan, and were selected in the study.

Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo.

Anti-inflammatory effect of Vitex negundo extract in albino rats By cotton pellet granuloma method. Absorbance of the resulting actuvity chromogen was recorded at nm. Support Center Support Center. Effect of Vitex negundo extract on oxytocin induced contractions in rat uterus.