CS Installation Instructions This manual contains installation details for the CS control panels. It provides the basic programming and. You can examine Aritech CS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or Aritech CS Installation instructions manual (32 pages). Pages: 32 | Size . Get free help, tips & support from top experts on aritech cs manual related COM TO CHECK i’m looking for a installation manual for a aritech moose.

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Aritech CS Installation Instructions

Check that there is no short circuit in bell wiring. Wiring to Digital Installatjon Always Rearm The same input when activated, will always retrigger sirens. Check that the address is correctly set on the keypad. The structure and position of the programming options are illustrated in the Programming Map on the next page. Hkc Securewatch Installation Manual See also Peridiax programming on p.


Code 4 can be used with a code counter cs3350 3.

Aritech CS350 Installation Instructions Manual

Check that the battery fuse is not blown. Confirm [] these changes when they are correct. Apply mains power to the panel. See page 21 for more aritecj.

Clear when closed Open zones are omitted till they close again. Disconnect the alarm zone wires from the terminal block and replace with display when attempta 4K7 resistor.

Enter at Keypad 1 the default operators code [0][1][1][2][2]. Reconnect the wires back to the panel and retest. Alarm Switches with intrusion and tamper alarm Tamper only when armed.

Disconnect bell wires from terminal and, observing correct polarity, connect across battery. Triggering the input will activate the interior bell for 4 seconds,as well as latch and walk test outputs.

Only after opening and closing this zone will the panel arm after four seconds.

Keep inhibits Open zones are omitted till the panel is disarmed. LCD with freely programmable zone names Bell fuse blows when bells are sounding. Use Pulse keyswitches if more than one input is to be used as Key zone.


Zone is inhibited during partguard protection. Code 4 can be used with a code counter see 3. Configuration of the Aritech integration module. Unused Input is not operational.

Re-activation starts an infinite entry time.

Check that the battery fuse is not blown. In this case the exterior bell follows the A Alarm.

Aritech Cs House Alarm Perfect Order For Sale in Citywest, Dublin from mountainmile

Using A Single Alarm System7. It provides the basic programming and installation information required by technicians and engineers.

When only the zone attributes Ls is addedthen the panel installaton cause a local alarm for inertia sensor activations and a full alarm when the window opens. Option Operation No forced arming Forced arming is not possible. Check that the battery is connected correctly.