Arthur Kampela is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Arthur Kampela and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Arthur Kampela (born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – now also an American Citizen), is the winner of the Guggenheim prize in Music Composition, the Arthur Kampela is the winner of the Guggenheim Prize in Music Composition. From he was a DAAD (Berliner Künstlerprogramm) Fellow . He has.

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For 16 years arthyr has been Adjunct Professor of composition and guitar at Columbia University. This imperfection is what draws me to the sound world he created.

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Frictions and Utopian Mixtures

Kampdla peculiar maneuvering required to play each instrument implies compositional strategies that will ensure the optimization of the chosen instrument s. Enjoy our gallery of featured playlists and a selection of media samples drawn from awarded projects.

For me, composing involves emotional and intuitive responses to the world around us. Sign up for our monthly NewMusicBox newsletter. Sorabji was writing extremely complex music, kampelz of superimposed ratios, way back kampe,a Hearing it results in the strange sensation of listening to a discourse that is merely implied, not stated, and it recalls the essential questions: In this piece, the form lies in the display of archetypical s sonorities: My piece, Exoskeleton for solo viola, proposes to reinvent the way a traditional instrument, a viola, ought to be played.


It reduces language to its sounds; it tries to speak, narrate, and can finally only asphyxiate itself.

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First, a violist cannot play this piece. We’re an independent magazine, we pay our writers, and our advertising will never slow you down.

He lived in Bahia, in the northeastern part of the country, where he was an obscure inventor of new instruments of a precarious nature. Copy Link Link copied! Second, working with new extended-techniques for acoustic instruments.

A scream, a click-tongue, a hum, the tapping of the feet, etc. Thanks for your support! It accumulates coexisting sonic vocabularies that we then order in a certain way according to the limits of our perception.

Why do you use unconventional techniques? Arthur Kampela | NewMusicBox

The present mingles with the immediate past as the materials clash with energy against each other; therefore, different people listening to this piece at the same time and in almost the same place can hear wildly different outputs. Celebrate the vitality and breadth of NYC music-making with this sampling of tracks on our platform. I acquired a cello, a viola, a violin, I rented a harp, a trombone, an oboe, etc. Some recent compositional projects: You might also enjoy. The point here is to make sure that the flow of materials of diverse textural qualities or weights are to be presented always as something new.

I always deeply mistrust a complete anything. NewMusicBox provides a space for those engaged with new music to communicate their experiences and ideas in their own words.

Arthur KampelaBio

Kampela has broken new ground in two particular ways: When I composed my harp solo piece PhalangesI used a series of devices e. A Brazilian Harry Partch, his aesthetic philosophy was focused on the idea of rupture with Western aesthetics. If you want to fine-tune your subscription prefences please do it below, or come back and visit your settings page later.


In his series of Percussion Studies for solo guitar presentKampela has created an entirely new playing technique, which he extended kampelq many acoustic instruments. This phenomenal disc by Veloso from was the leading avant-pop album created in that time.

Articles and commentary posted here reflect the viewpoints of their individual authors; their appearance on NewMusicBox does not imply endorsement by New Music USA. If one is able to understand the ergonomics behind traditional gestural moves, one is also able to penetrate the depths of gestural potentialities—a state of affairs where the superimposition of new gestures implies not only a unique motoric vocabulary but the assumption of a new compositional output.

This friction is what makes his work so enticing and enduring. In the artist’s own words: For me, this music is about questioning the nature of listening—it renews interest in self-evident sounds like water rushing by having us listen to them through a musical perspective.

These are intense sounds—our recommendation is to listen to them srthur small yet concentrated doses. The name Exoskeleton meaning: Smetak was a wizard of improvised music.