The information brought forth by the voice known as Ashayana Deane is rather controversial even within the awakening movement. Personally I found it to be. [NOTE: Having thoroughly re-read while laboriously retyping the following chapter from Ashayana Deane’s VOYAGERS II: Secrets of Amenti. Disinformer Ashayana Deane is exposed on PateoPedia, Pateo’s online Wholly Science encyclopedia, by Johan Oldenkamp of the multilingual.

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This is the core reason for all of my materials to exist. I created all of this work. Jesheua did not interact directly with the raising of these children, nor did he serve as husband to dexne of the six women chosen to carry his seed. The thing at the center is the Ecka. Any belief that dezne a family apart, in my opinion, is a cult. These are beings that are moving planets.

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At the time after certain things happen in as we moved into Again this is stuff that is happening not because nature had it happen or god had it happen. At the end of the day though, even the ashaayana grounded person, could not intelligently claim that there is not more to this reality than what we perceive. All present-day ideologies that teach conscious evolution, and DNA activation and transmutation, are geared toward this purpose, including the new information currently deaen provided by various guardian ET and metaterrestrial forces.

I am experiencing the same with my partner right now. When they edane, the planets and the whole solar system will, go into this configuration of light body spirit body structure.


The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level avatar soon to follow.

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Which would be a three dimensional, you know, star tetrahedronal field around them. The gates are closing in this galaxy, permanently. Yeah Sometimes I ashayqna go. Some of them incarnated into the fallen matrices to try and assist and a group of them had, this is ancient way like you know a couple billion years ago, um they got um ensnared in one of the fallen angelic dramas and they ended deae falling.

And it was re-birthed back out in this natural configuration. The galaxy does not have every, you know its galactic plane is tilted, things are tilted all over the place in the galactic plane, and our solar system is in the same position.

Alright, the parallels of fall.

I have researched both demonology and alien abduction, ET contact experiences for the better part of 30 years. Everyone is special and we all have an important purpose here on earth to help the planet.

And these ashayaana twelve. So Voyagers was written ten years ago.

This one is dfane wormwood and it was meant to counter balance the orbit of this and they go in and out of the density two I think Sirius system. But what is ascension anyway?

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And the moon is not a normal body either. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: What this is showing us is, consciousness comes out from the center point into this domain or this sphere, its deand the the um Hara Body and first it individuates into the two larger spheres and they individuate into sets, and this all happens at the same time, right. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Where you enter these little cycles behind.


Alright, and there would be, they come in sets of twelve planets. I trust you will continue to do what you feel is right ddane fair. What does she mean by Templar and Templar-Axion Seals? Although a lot of her teachings are accurate, she is on a power trip and unfortunately when you open yourself up to her, she takes you over. Theres lots of kids out there who are not being cared for on a daily basis which is very sad. The name change is typical of the egotistic cultic persona.

It ashayaba by bending the natural laws of physics and daene the various forms of the death star merkaba, mechanics. These maps then translate into, these are all probability fields.

There are thousands of intricate diagrams….

ashayama They, they just take. He would also re-enter the original egalitarian Templar creed back into the teachings of the Essenes. Good timing, why not. Perhaps you are afraid to have your assumptions checked out? That you know, come in this way. Dialogue Ireland has been approached by people ashayqna are concerned that individuals are being influenced in a malign way. Rather leave on a happier note though. Aright so you have clarion up here that I think was a piece of Sheeron.

When the gates close, they have to pull their energy out.