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Kep Enggar Ayu Primaningsih. Monthly activities at the posyandu is a routine activity that aims to: The purpose of the study. Results of the study. The design study is a correlation with the method of Cross Sectional. The study was conducted on 1 and May stomatitiz, Data collection techniques using qusioner. Then the knowledge and attitude variables were divided into two categories based on mean values. Further processed stomatitks chi square test statistic with the help of SPSS.

Anxiety resulted in a change of thinking in adapting to the conditions uf the problem. In anxiety nursing student weight can arise when practice clinic and can affect intervention and harm the clien. The study aimed to investigate the relationship anxiety level with subcutaneous injection of successful interventions do when you first practice clinic in S- I nursing student STIKES Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung This research was conducted on 3 December Design used in this study was an descriptive correlational with correlative cross-sectional approach.


The study population was all student of three semester who has implemented the practice clinic cardiovascular system and respiratory system, using Tehnik purposiv sampling on students obtained 51 respondents. Retrieval of data using anxiety level questionnaires and success intervention questionnaires, and then processed by Tehnik Editing, CodingProcesingand tabulator Further analysis of the data used is the Chi Square test statistic. This means that there is a significant relationship between the anxiety level of intervention outcomes subcutaneous injection.

So from the above it is necessary of participation for the Students will do practical nursing home pain clinic if given adequate provision theoretical and practical training in organized campus in the laboratory then figure the anxiety level students will be able to be pressed to figure their intervention success will stomaatitis. Anxiety level, Success of intervention, Medication Of Subcutaneosly.

Diarrhea is a condition defecate more than 3 times the child. Diarrhea can lead to lack of fluids and electrolytes in the body that are useful for human survival. The lack of excess fluid caused some stmatitis. One of the ways to prevent and overcome dehydration is the effort that is oral rehydration to replace fluids lost from stomatitsi body with a drink.

Stomattiis it needs some knowledge on handling or codes of diarrhea, because [he role of parents is very important in a treatment for diarrhea in toddlers. The purpose of this study was to find the relationship knowledge on handling diarrhea with dehydration level in todolers who experience diarrhea. This stomaittis uses a method Korelasionalsampling Purposive sampling with sampling.

The higher knowledge on handling diarrhea, the lower level of dehydration in toddlers who suffer from diarrhea. Mothers who have knowledge about diarrhea handling will apply what he knows to prevent the onset of dehydration in toddlers.

It is therefore important to provide information or counseling on handling diarrhea mothers with roddlers diarrhea in particular and society in Commonly. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo No. Each person must have experienced discomfort, with the least it will hinder daily activities. One of the discomfort experienced by a person is pain. Painful menstruation or dysmenorrhoea is characterized by cramps, muscle pain and discomfort other thigh. Thus causing problems in adolescent girls would be disturbed concentration such as studying, working.


So knowledge about menstrual pain stomayitis is needed. The study uses descriptive design exploration.

Samples taken around 54 respondents who met the inclusion criteria by stomatits purposive sampling. This study was conducted on February with the distribution of questionnaires, and the data obtained were scored on the answer sheet with a score of 1 correct answer and a wrong answer scores 0. Then diprosetasekan by the value obtained from the number of correct answers divided by the number multiplied by one hundred percent overall response. The results of this study indicated that asiep about penaganan girls menstrual pain is the knowledge sufficient majority having as many as 32 respondents It is stomatittis that the knowledge of the category of pretty girls.

This relates to the age factor, and factor information. For girls it can boost the expected knowledge, by way of seeking information about menstrual pain from a variety of sources, so that the problem can be addressed in a timely pain and teens adkep be better equipped to face the future menstrual pain. Growth monitoring is an activity aimed at health care for the community to build survival, especially for toddlers.

Posyandu meaningless without public participation. Many mothers assume that posyandu not an important activity even reluctant to bring their children to the neighborhood health center.

This study was conducted on February Analytic correlational research design. The population of all mothers with children aged yearsSample 50 respondents using iota! Data were collected using questionnairesprocessed and analyzed with the Spearman test hank rho.

The role of health workers is needed to improve education through the mother s knowledge about posyandu sgomatitis with the intent to provide an understanding of the relation to the mother posyandu. Sex behavior is any behavior that is driven by sexual desire, both with the opposite sex or same sex. Common form of stomatiits attraction to others, people in fantasy, or yourself with no legitimate ties.

This study aimed use descriptive method describingevents objectively happened, the entire population of students — students of class XI SMA N 1 KalidawirvBulletin Numbering students — students. Samples were taken totaling 56 students — student, using the Proportional Sampling. The experiment was conducted on 16 February Data collection techniques with the method of administration questioner then processed the data editing, coding, tabulating, scoring and analysis by using the formula N — sp: Results of thi study indicate that the picture of the knowledge students -students on free sex who have a good knowledge of Looking at these results it is necessary to separate interventions that should be given to the student — to give students more knowledge than ever before, for the provision of counseling on sexual behavior are needed stomatifis the school, the community, parents and the most important is the health officer.


So students — students understand the importance of knowledge about sexual behavior correctly. Knowledge overview, students — Schoolgirl, Free Sex Behavior. Farida 1Yitno 2Ayu Dwi Agestina 3. During the process of growth and development, children often experience fever. Warm compresses can lower the body temperature of children who have a feverwhile cold compresses are useful for reducing pain due to ankle sprains, overuse injuries and burns to help treat acne. All this has been done cold compresses and warm water in an attempt to lower the body temperature, but the temperature accuracy can effectively lower the stomatitjs temperature is not known.


The design used in this study was one group pretest and posttest design. The sample size used in this study were 15 children to 15 children and cold compresses to warm compresses. Sampling technique stomahitis this study using stomatutis sampling, data collection was conducted in February — March The instruments used in the study is an experiment by using a thermometer measuring instruments xskep measuring scales using ratio scale.

Compress, cold, warm, temperature, fever. Understanding the early preschool years are the foundation of success for childcare. One of the major tasks at the age of the children are toilet training. Many factors cause women rarely make toilet training in children, including occupational factors, age and education. The purpose of this study was to determine factors — factors that affect toilet training in children aged years.

Design in use is a cross sectional Analytical. The population in this study is the mother who had children in stonatitis Dharma Wanita Tiudan old village years.

So that Ho refused. Concluded that there is influence between work factors, age and education to toilet training.

In this case health officials are expected to also be able to understand the concept of toilet training and do it in sttomatitis form of counseling.

Factor — factor, toilet training, children aged years. Patient satisfaction is one measure of quality health care they receive. Quality of health services leads to the level of excellence in heath care creates a feeling of satisfaction in every patient.

The higher of the satisfaction, the better of the quality of health services. Stomatittis of IKM outpatients in public hospital Dr. Iskak Tulungagung stmatitis poly. Descriptivedesign used,theentirepopulation ofpatient undergoingoutpatientnerve PolyDr.

ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN by Sarah Ayu on Prezi

Datawere collectedwith aquestionaire,thenthe datais processedthroughediting,coding,tabulating,scoring. After thatthe datawere analyzedby using theformula:. The results of the respondents to the level of patient satisfaction in Nerve Poly Dr. In conclusion, the results obtained most of the respondents were satisfied. However, performance and service of nerve poly in public hospital Dr.


Iskak Tulungagung still can stomatutis and need to be increased again. Diarrhea is often experienced by children. Asep in infants is a case that can not be ruled out, it takes penangaan different than adults.

Purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between knowledge of mothers with early stmatitis of diarrhea in infants. Population of all mothers who have young children had suffered from diarrhea.

Samples taken by 20 respondents, ie mothers who have young children who had suffered from diarrhea and had been given early treatment Bangunjaya rural district. The results obtained analyst rho value;,p: Concluded there is a relationship between maternal knowledge of the relationship with early treatment of diarrhea in infants.

Thus, it is expected to mothers to improve the knowledge about the health of various MADIA, especially from health workers who can provide the appropriate knowledge through counseling to mothers. Especially about the diarrhea that pregnant women be able to understand that early treatment of diarrhea with the possibilities were right.