Act (Atomgesetz) coming into force in Its development was relatively in the Eleventh Act Amending the Atomgesetz in (11th Amendment). The Energy Concept and Energiewende package The rapid the Atomic Energy Act, published on 13 December , (Elftes Atomgesetz. Im Frühjahr ließ die Regierung eine Laufzeitverlängerung um mehrere Jahrzehnte prüfen. Der Deutsche Bundestag beschloss.

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This may be the case because energy and carbon efficiency in unconstrained countries are usually lower than in constrained countries hence more emissions are offset to produce the same amounts of goods Babiker, A consequence of this is that the German supply with uranium is as unsecure and as dependent of partners outside the OECD as the supply with conventional, fossil energy sources.

The second conclusion is that the supply security of uranium from OECD states is not provided.

The life times of power plants which came into operation by will be extended by 8 years, all younger power plants will operate for an additional 14 years beyond The conclusion is often that there is not much empirical evidence of carbon leakage yet. AtG-Novelle der Rechtfertigung vor der Niederlassungsfreiheit.

Kernkraftwerke in Deutschland | BMU

Many life cycle analyses of nuclear energy have been conducted and they come to a wide range of emission intensities. Whoever runs nuclear power plants in Europe is responsible for environmental damage and health impacts in the uranium mining countries IPPNW, These rest amounts sum up to TWh of electricity that can be produced by German reactors after 1 January Germany has high ambitions regarding German emission mitigations. In countries with less total emissions countries like Niger for example this situation looks different.

  CREG 070 PDF

The lifetime extension is established in the AtG Novell. The alpha radiators radium and its daughter radon as well as thorium can cause diseases like lung cancer. For countries with large total emissions the emissions offset in through uranium milling and mining of exported uranium do not present a large share of the total emission.

Gesetz über die friedliche Verwendung der Kernenergie und den Schutz gegen ihre Gefahren

Theoretical studies on the topic come to a wide range of results depending on the model and assumptions. Carbon leakage calculations In this section the amount of carbon leakage from German nuclear energy use from until is calculated based on the facts and data presented in the previous sections. To make quantitative statements one still needs to know the emissions in total numbers. Uranium is not mined in Germany and it is not easy to trace the origin of the imported uranium.

The study about the energy scenarios was conducted to develop an energy concept that can meet the reduction goals. The production of those products is relocated to unconstrained countries and imports to constrained countries increase. This means that the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle which takes almost completely place outside of Europe has an emission intensity of As has been explored in section 5, the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle for German nuclear energy does not take place in Germany.

AtG – nichtamtliches Inhaltsverzeichnis

It is for example probable that the CO 2 balance of Niger is incomplete and does not include all emissions from Uranium mining.

Further the table shows the life time extension and the additional amount of electricity is expected to be produced during this additional life time. These factors do not fall under the issue of carbon leakage but they pose a severe disadvantage to the countries in which the uranium for German power plants is mined and milled.


A problem that could occur after the mine is abandoned is the formation of stagnate water pools from rainwater. I on the Natural Resources of Namibiawhich forbids the prospecting, mining, processing, selling, exporting, etc. The largest part of the imported uranium is natural uranium 4.

The lifecycle analysis resolves the emission intensity by steps of the life cycle. To have a more comprehensive view on the problem, sections 4.

Carbon Leakage of Nuclear Energy – The Example of Germany

We are IntechOpen, the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books. The enriched uranium from Russia comes from dismantled nuclear weapons.

At the time of writing, it is atomgesegz when and how the out-phasing process in Germany will take place. It can be assumed that those countries are also the countries of origin for the German imports but the shares of uranium purchased from the single countries are different between the EU and Germany.

Nuclear energy is a controversially discussed topic in German politics as well as in the population.

The drying process leads to radiating dust, which is easily spread by wind. France and the UK like Germany no longer 20110 own uranium resources that means they only function as trader and consumer. Most data are collected by the industries themselves and do not represent an independent assessment of the issue Kalinowski, This results in Dezember Urteil vom Over 21, IntechOpen readers like this topic Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers Suggest a book topic Books open for submissions.