Attack of the Superzeroes. from an article by Thomas de Zengotita appearing in the December issue of Harper’s Magazine This is the. Here is our latest video for Fifi Rong’s latest single ‘Attack’. but we are happy to announce that SUPERZEROES will be released in July. Superzero. Play on Spotify Albums. Hogwash · Attack Of the Air Monkeys. View all on Spotify Listen to Superzero now. Listen to Superzero in full in the.

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Hey guys, sorry its been a while since I last updated you all. In my opinion it is the pinnacle of superhero stories in the medium of film and TV perfectly capturing Batman and the world he inhabits.

Thankfully everyone is bring in in their A game and really working superzegoes to make Superzeroes as good as it can be.

The Powerpuff Girls (S3E7): “Jewel of the Aisle”/”Super Zeroes” / Recap – TV Tropes

We have been working our socks off on a multitude of superaeroes, all of which we will go into more detail on a later date. After a conversation about the lack of UK based superheroes with my life long friend Liam Delaneywe started to craft and hone these characters into something more.

It was a pretty tough ride and luckily everyone came out unscathed The episodes saw Jake on a date which goes horribly wrong, Nigel and Jess on a stake out, and a two part episode where Jake is captured by a deranged animator Charles Timm. If that is not your thing, please share the campaign among your friends and family. The city itself is such is a ripe source of inspiration, from its diverse cultures, to its unique places and its rich history.

Sorry it’s been so long since our last update, but I promise it’s not due to the lack of work, au contraire! While it took a while for it to sink in, we superzwroes believe it to be the perfect title for the series. The show makes its premier at the Edinburgh festival on August 6th. Seeing as their EP was a few months away from being complete we got a head start and filmed a crude live action version of the video with the band back in February.


You are currently viewing this article as a guest. Well principle photography has finally wrapped on Superzeroes and while we may need to film the odd pick up or insert shot here and there, we pretty much have everything we need to make three kick ass episodes. Campaign kicks off 7pm UK time. You can check out more of the Paper Buoys over at their website or Facebook. Screen shot taken from the Mercy and the Wild Sea film. The rest were just scribbles!

As it was both their first time on camera, I was impressed with how well they adapted to the stop start nature of film, especially as they were working with nothing more than a green screen and had to imagine every thing around them Also I give them props for wearing the daft costumes which out of context look incredibly dumb.

Growing up, I was heavily involved with the Birmingham music scene. Over the past few years we have produced a fair few videos, with the majority being hand drawn animated, so I was very keen to mix things up and do something a little different.

Attack of the superzeroes: why Washington, Einstein, and Madonna can’t compete with you.

After discussing ideas with the band and seeing as the song is called ‘The Artist’ we decided to go in a ‘silent film’ route. While each episode is designed to stand alone, there are threads throughout that hint to a much wider universe and story for our characters. We promise that our mythology won’t be half as convoluted. Since the campaign ended I have had interest from people who still want to be part of Superzeroesso for all you awesome people we have set up a Patreon page. To say this was an undertaking is an understatement.

I created several inept superheroes based on my friends that we could make stunt films out of. Overall I was much happier with this short and is more in line with how I want to approach the further adventures of J ake, Jess, Nigel and Alex in the future.

With weird and scary stories of Fluke Monsters and shark boys, to Alien conspiracies and personal journeys. For the past few years I put Powerless as I worked on honing my craft. Toward a progressive talk show.

We titled it Power None of these films came into being, but the idea never left my head. Towards the end there were a lot of sleepless nights and a hell of a lot of tea consumed but all in all it was worth and I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out. Fiction — From the June issue Reframing your world. The biggest challenge was probably just trying to stop the puppets from falling over, once that happens your shot is ruined and you have to start again – which may have happened on several occasions.


Please help us make this series a reality! From the fantastic animation, unique story lines and strong characters. With Christmas looming I thought it would be the perfect setting for a short Powerless story. I value his opinions and ideas greatly. Want to change your email address or password?

However I neither had a space of a budget to make anything other than a few costumes. Films that make you better feeling! Not only is it a great song but is just over a minute long, the perfect length for a claymation video, which is notorious for being a somewhat slow process.

We also felt we need to add one more character to the mix, and that is Birmingham City itself. Once the attakc was complete written and recorded by my life long friend Isaac Cartwright Powerless was really to superzeroe unleashed onto the world and premiered at the March MCM comic con. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work, from the the talent cast, dedicated crew and of course our incredibly generous backers.

Super Zeroes 1.png

InMy good friend James Raynor held a successful indiegogo campaign to help fund his short film Stupernatural. Each short took a day or two produce. Each team member has a distinct characteristic at their core – Brains EgonMouth PeterHeart Rayand the everyman Winston – A dynamic that has a strong influence on our very own heroes.

Here’s a behind the scenes time lapse of the first day of filming for the new Burn Down Rydell video, Enjoy. Looking back at the original short, I wanted to make this one tighter, lighter, and simpler.