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The copy template with the shopping list cataolgo is also enc- losed will give you planning security. Do not use so much that the ballast starts to float! Tensioning cables that run through cover boxes and redirection boxes No. Built-on storefront, stairs and toilets in rear. An- bau am anderen Giebel.

Modellbahn Modellbau Kataloge

With elegant doorways and windows, modelled on the church in Bad Elster in Vogtland. Contains 15 windows 22 x 11 mm, including round arches.

Order the catalog for cata,ogo price of 4,00 Euro plus 4,00 Euro Postage Germany simply and conveniently using our form online. Das Dach ist aus Blech in Doppelstehfalztechnik eingedeckt. Es ist auch als Ladegut auf Flachwagen geeignet. Now assemble the first bridge pillar as described in the instructions. Mo- delled after the ruins between Pockau and Marienberg in Saxony, the surviving plans and a contemporary drawing by W. Mit sehr interes- santer Dach konstruktion und Erker. Originalmodell A typical trackside structure from the Aschersleben yard, where water for steam locomotives.


A signal box was added later. Cataloho recommend using a utility knife for cutting to fit.

Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

Multi-purpose and especially for cleaning up plastic parts after removing them from the sprue, conical. In this section of the catalogue we present our Auhagen modular system, unique throughout the whole of Europe. The entrance can be closed with the wrought-iron gate of body-died board made by auhaben cut technology.

Sie wirken realistischer, wenn sie mit matten Farben bemalt werden. The centre of a auuagen town market with cobblestone base plate and plastic water surface.

We recommend our No. Allge- meine Beschilderung liegt bei. Grat mit der Bastelfeile entfernen. Wood clad separate, outdoor toilets were often seen on branch lines.


The front wheels can also be arranged as if turned. All you need to do is decide which of the three buildings are to be built with the content of this model kit — a freight shed 1locomotive shed 2 or a small factory 3. Ramps on the road and track si- des. The model is designed to be appropriate for two separate cataogo.


The cars are ventilated in the inner courtyard or in Factory hall No. Im Laufe der Jahre wurde um- und angebaut.

Modellbahn Modellbau Kataloge

The Auhagen catalgo part service is happy to help. Wie viel Platz haben Sie? Originalmodell On the main Berlin-Dresden line with ty- pical clinker construction.

Weitere Informationen siehe Seite Our attractive boxes can help. Lighting brings the scene to life.

Der Fantasie, eine Neubausiedlung zu ge- stalten, sind damit keine Grenzen gesetzt.