Wake_on_Modem. BIOS: Award PnP 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS Form Factor: ATX Board Size: mm x mm. Software & Utility: HWMON utility. Download and update your AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF to the latest version. hi guys das any one know were i can download a bios update for a aopen ax6bc that will work with xp only because i have looked on the net.

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Mon Jan 07, 2: Dec 13, Posts: Apr 22, Posts: I have a very similar upgrade scenario as the original poster, but haven’t had much luck so far. Fri Mar 29, I bought a P6S5AT, to go up to 1.

I thought I’d resurrect this thread after finding it with a search. For anyone who is interested, I’ve put up a page with some pics of my Abit BM6 upgrade Thu Mar 28, JohnMcboy Ars Praetorian Tribus: Hello all, I just successfully upgraded two of my computers with 1. Congrats I went from to just two weeks ago. Dec 22, Posts: I was set back by not being able to choose the multiplyer to If you have the option you need to change the dividers for the PCI and AGP busses to try and get them as close to spec as possible.


Jan 5, Posts: And it’s really too much CPU horsepower for what I do anyways. Wed Jan 30, 3: I decide on my choice. Tue Feb 19, 5: If it will update the bios.

Up came the boot screen, and my CII posted without a hitch. My only issue so far is the size of the stock retail intel heatsink. I rebooted with the new settings and everything works like a charm.

aopen ax6bc bios update

I’ll let you know. Originally posted by Rab: Originally posted by hansmuff: I’ve read that the v1. Are you saying that you heated up the solder on the pin from the back side of the motherboard and pushed it through to remove it?

Fri Jan 04, 3: Havent been home to try it really. The I used some spare 44 pin cable I had laying around to jumper the resets, installed it back in the case, and booted. El Guapo Ars Praefectus Registered: Fri Jan 04, 8: Wed Jan 30, 2: I’ve also heard that the v1. I’m a happy camper. Though it certainly lacks the simplicity and elegance gios your solution.


LOL, if only they made them that small. Where in OK are you?

1.1GHz Celeron upgrade successes: Abit BM6 and AOpen AX6BC !!!

My god, computing power has gotten cheap, 52 bucks?!? The cool thing about this solution is that you could upgrade to DDR when memory prices drop, and eventually upgrade to a high-end Athlon XP when they become bargain-bin. That’s one awesome motherboard Especially since I also have a Duron for games Glad to hear about your success!

Wed Jan 30, 7: Since the aopen board is a BX chipset, how did you get those tualatin celerons working on it? Though as I’m running a Celeron at this time, I think that a Celeron 1.

Download AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF • Wim’s BIOS

Jan 27, Posts: Tue Feb 05, 5: Mon Jan 07, 1: Power up for the first time. Originally posted by Biased turkey: Tue Jan 08, I am Tulsa, native, at OU for now. Althoug I did install a stick of Muskin’s best memory with a cas of 2.