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BA A is a Semi – Auto chemistry analyzer and a computer in one unit. It has pop-up keypad. Page 30 After completing the serial port setting, click Enable Para. When the system is not in use, make sure that the tubing and the flow cell is filled with clean distilled water or DI water.

EndpointFixed-timeKinetics and Absorbance 2.

BAA Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer at Rs /piece | Chemistry Analyzers | ID:

Remove the red ring on the used tubing and install them on the new tubing. Be sure to follow the instructions given below to maintain the system. After unplugging the adapters, pinch the buckles on the pump head and detach the pump shell. Page 72 deviation can not be directly measured in operating software, so they are configured by other methods.

Intended Use The system is an analyzer designed for in vitro quantitative determination of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples. Pull the wire out and you can see the wire joint connecting the lamp assembly, with one end connecting to the lamp and the other end connecting to mindday inside of the instrument. Supports bi-chromatic tests for end point, ba-88a, kinetics methods.

Page 70 Open the optical window cover, use cross screw driver to unscrew the screws on the ba-8a replacement window cover. Figure Lamp assembly structure WARNING If you want to replace the lamp, first switch off the power and then wait at least 15 minutes for the lamp to cool down before touching mindeay.


Confirm ambient Ambient temperature temperature; check connection too low; Temp. Software Upgrading If the optical surface of the flow cell is contaminated, use cloth soaked with certain amount of absolute alcohol to clean it. The software on CPU extension board that should be upgraded: Nature of Business Manufacturer.

Please wear the glove to protect the circuit boards from ESD or release the charge first when you detach the circuit boards. NOTE Wear clean cotton gloves, when replacing the filter or lens.

Automatic hematology analyzer BC Mindray. Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Connection Of The Hardware System 4. Mindray 7inch touch screen medical biochemistry analyzer BAA Semi-Auto mindrsy analyzer price for hospital and lab. The replacement of lamp assembly is shown in the following picture. Replacing Cpu Board Pull the wire out and you can see the wire joint connecting the lamp assembly, with one end connecting to the lamp and the other end connecting to the inside of the instrument.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. This manual is geared for service personnel authorized by Mindray. mineray

Finally, it will be output at the inputting end of the AD converter through selectable switch. After entering the Maintenance screen, click Gain adjust to pop up the Gain adjust page. Figure System structure of the software 5.

BA 88A Mindray Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Page 62 After upgrading is completed, a dialog box will pop up to notify the user to restart. Wavelengths range to nm 3. Page 60 After confirming that the FPGA software or the lower computer software has been copied to the instrument memory, enter the Maintenance interface. NOTE The assembly or disassembly of the filter wheel, motor or home position sensor should be followed with home position deviation adjustment. Pet hospitals and small laboratories are its prime beneficiaries.


After calibration is completed, calibration formula can not be gained, but the previous calibration formula can be b-a88a to calculate the formula and the test will not be affected.

Mindray – BAA Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

bx-88a If the optical surface of the flow cell is contaminated, use cloth soaked with certain amount of absolute alcohol to clean it. Endpoint, Kinetics, Fixed-time, Absorbance; Analyzing methods: Connect the waste tubing to the waste container.

Replacement of the peristaltic pump should be followed with flow volume calibration this is not for system configured with cuvette. After detaching the pump shell, press the roller inside the pump to take the used pump tubing out. Factory price Mindray touch screen baa semi-auto chemistry analyzer with User-friendly interface.

Do not stare into the lamp when the system is in operation.

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Before detected by control module, all input signals should go through the level translation circuit. Find mindrsy suppliers in Bengaluru Clinical Analyzer in Bengaluru. During configuration, modifying parameters other than temperature parameters should not be allowed. Page 5 Company Contact Manufacturer: Chemistry Analyzers in Bengaluru.

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