Bana is among the three most important prose writers in classical Sanskrit, all of whom lived in the late sixth and early seventh centuries AD. It is clear, from his. Kadambari, the romantic novel in Sanskrit, is originally known to have been written by Banabhatta. He passed away before completing the text, and the book . Title: Banabhatta’s Kadambari (Novel in HINDI); Author: Banabhatta; Binding: Hardcover; Publisher: Radhakrishna Prakashan.

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I, too, eager to learn whence it came, with eyes turned into buds, and drawn on like a bee by that scent, and attracting to me the kalaharnsas of the lake by the jangling of my anklets loudly clashed in the tremulous speed of my curiosity, advanced a few steps and beheld a graceful youthful ascetic coming down to bathe. After the successful completion of the march on the return journey to Ujjaini, Chandrapida, detached from the retinue, lost his way in the forest and saw a mourning girl engaged in severe asceticism not far from Mount Kailas on the shore of Lake Achchkhod.

I 96 massed together like Ganges between the trees, giving a fresh whiteness to Kailasa, and purifying the gazer’s soul, though it but entered his eye. Banabharta intoxication of LakHhml is terrible, and does not cease even in old ago. The story proceeds through several narrators in a succession of nested frames. Ill- behaved girl, why thus weary thyself?

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Other animals by his great kadambsri he took alive. Parrot’s name was Vaishampayana. Following Pundarika and his banabbhatta, Kapinjala rushes into the sky; Mahashveta remains to live as a hermit on the shore Achchody. There is a well-known, interesting statement in Sanskrit, involving a play on words: There the sun is daily seen paying homage to Mahukula, for his steeds vuil their heads at the charm of the sweet chant of the women singing in concert in the lofty white palace, and his pennon droops before him.

He reaches the bank of the lake Acchoda. Some long descriptions have been omitted, such, f. Peterson, ‘ Kridainbarl,’ p. No topic is let go till the author can squeeze no more from it. When Chandrapida grew, Tarapida anointed him as the heir to the kingdom, and Chandrapida, together with Vaishampayana baanabhatta the head of a mighty army, went on a campaign to conquer the world.

She saw a young Brahmin wandering about who made fervent advances of love towards her. A son was born, and taking him in her arms with the words, ‘ Take him, for he is thine,’ she gave him to Cyvetaketu, who performed all the rites of banabhatya son’s birth, and called him PuiKlarika, because he was born in a pundarika lotus. She is still dizzy with the feeling produced by the eddying of the whirlpool made by Mount Mandara. In fact, two modern Indian languages Kannada and Marathi use madambari as a generic term for a romance or a novel.


For it is the fool who is tormented by Love. The portress, who was close by, hastened to him, and leaning on her arm, he went to the hall of audience, followed by the attendants worthy to enter the inner apartments, whose palms were like boughs, very hard from their firm grasp of their wands.

And then, as soon as she pronounced the curse, the young man dies. The parrots seemed to have drawn their last breath at that very moment in their terror at the sight of him. How far did he follow us? After hearing the voice Patralekha throws herself along with the horse into the Acchoda Lake. King Shudraka is gifted by Chandala maiden a parrot. Is this fitting for thee even to imagine, much less to see or tell?

U ‘ With renowned warriors on their backs. Chandrapeeda returns to Ujjayini, and Pundarika is established as the King. She had sent Taralika to deliver her message to Kadambari. For the cry of the kalahamsas, like the anklets of a water-nymph, is still far away; the cranes’ notes are yet dim ; the scent of the lotus-bed comes rarely through the space it creeps through, because the distance is great ; noontide is hard to bear, for tlie sun is in the midst of heaven, and scatters with his rays a blazing heat, unceasing, like fiery dust, and makes my thirst worse ; the earth with its hot thick dust is hard to tread ; my limbs are unable to go even a little way, for they are weary witli excessive thirst ; I am not master of myself ; 74 my heart sinks ; my eyes are darkened.

He was loved by Ravana’s sister. Many cowries with golden handles waved around him ; 18 his left foot rested on a footstool of crystal that was like the moon bent in humiliation before the flashing beauty of his countenance, and was adorned by the brightness of his feet, which yet were tinged with blue from the light rays of the sapphire pavement, as though darkened by the sighs of his conquered foes.

Kadamabri sents a messenger to Chandrapeeda’s parents and informs them of their son’s plight. He had no son. Historical interest, so far as that depends on the narration of historical facts, appears to be entirely lacking, though it may be that at some future time our knowledge from other sources may be so increased that we may recognise portraits and allusions in what seems now purely a work of romance.

He seemed to have entered on another birth, and was as another man, strange and unfamiliar ; he was changed into another shape. How far is the passionless ascetic who lives on roots in the woods from the illusion of passion that finds its home in restless souls, and is stained with longing for earthly pleasures, and filled with the manifold sports of the Love God.

On a sudden there arose a tinkling of orna- ments born of hasty motion, with many a sound of lutes struck sweetly on their chords, blended with the cry of cranes summoned by the clanging of the girdles, accom- panied by the noise of peacocks shut up in the zenana and rejoicing in the thunder caused by the stairs being struck by stumbling feet, soft with the murmur of kala- liamsas fluttering in fear of the clash of fresh clouds, imitating the triumphant cry of Love, taking captive the ears of lovely women with their ropes of jewels resounding shrilly as they touched one another, and re-echoing through all the corners of the houses.


Kadambari by Banabhatta

Her silken robes were wet with ceaseless tears; her orna- ments were laid aside ; her lotus-face rested on her left hand ; and her tresses were unbound and in disorder. The time period in kadakbari he lived is the one where Vedic ideals on division of labor were lost and twisted into the power-greedy caste horror it is today.

On the way, he For hero a snake, wearied by the sun, fearlessly enters, as if into fresh grass, into the peacock’s tail, like an interwoven grove of ojDen lotuses, with its hundred beauteous eyes, changing in hue as the eyes of a deer. Pay thy respects to the chiefs; honour the Brahmans ; protect thy peojile ; gladden thy kinsfolk. My love for her is of long growth, and therefore strong; but as the prince does not yet know her character, this is told to him.

For what is thy hope of happiness in such things as are honoured by the base, but blamed by the good? From eyes steadily closed, and dimmed within by the smoke of Love’s keen fire, he ceaselessly poured forth a storm of tears trickling down through kadzmbari eyelashes. Then he again reflected: I am not one to endure this reckless girl’s offence in taking my rosary!

Banabhatta’s Kadambari (Novel in HINDI)

Thinking on a hundred such desires, I pass my nights in Buflering. VM Certainly ere long the queen shall bear a son that, like Mandhatri, shall bo a leader among all royal sages, and a cause of joy to all the world ; and he shall gladden thy heart, king, as the lotus-pool in autumn with its burst of fresh lotuses gladdens the royal elephant ; by him thy kingly line shall become strong to bear the weight of the world, and shall be unbroken in its succession as the stream of a wild elephant’s ichor.

Thou who feignest coyness, what mean thy crafty glances? Full of fickleness, she leaves even a king, richly endowed with friends, judicial power, treasure, and territory, as she leaves a lotus at the end of day, though it have root, stalk, bud, and wide- spreading petals. What did he say to thee? For the nature of kingH, being darkened by the madness of pride’s fever, is perturbed ; their wealth causes arrogance and false self-esteem ; their royal glory causes the torpor brought about by the poiyon of kingly power.