Here’s a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I’ve come up me running BSG games (although we’re playing it as a variant of d20 modern. Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. (although we’re playing it as a. Battlestar Galactica Minatures Battlestar Galactica Models Contact Gaming Accessories Models Other Science Fiction Minatures Star Fleet.

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Or, FTL might be an artifact, a product of their ancient past and the colonization but only recently last 50 years rediscovered and made practical. However, creating your own set of humanoid Cylons might be a good way to go about it. Accuse someone of being a cylon. Try and capture that feel of play in whatever setting you choose. I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees galacyica our campaign, as well.

They don’t have FTL communication, and apparently their civilization was limited to either one large star system, or several very close ones, and it was battlrstar for ships battelstar go for many years without using their FTL drives before the holocaust. I wouldnt worry about it. This could be based of the Artificial Gravity tech the colonials already had durring the Cylon war. Merci pour votre message. I think I shall replace the 12 models by a new bunch of skin-jobs even if it contradicts the series.

Battlestar Galactica (D20)

Thursday, 17th February, Some of them might have been harsh, but they were all able to support human life.


A soldier who chose to play using the Test Subject Specialty little does he know that he’s a Cylon sleeper. Share 0 Comments Leave a Reply. The other alternative would baftlestar some kind of squad based game, where PCs are long range scouts in advance of Galactica, all roughly of the same level, and operating on missions where the primaries aren’t in the picture and are unavailable to dictate PC actions.

Saturday, 3rd March, Loads if good CGI stuff there. The professional athlete had his off-season house out here to stay away from the paparazzi.

It seems that in Applied Theoretical Physics they are a little ahead of the curve, but some of the other aspects may be a little behind. Monday, 20th June, They still rely on chemically powered firearms as primary weapons, nuclear arms are still the big guns.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

A wheelman who was basically a baftlestar thief”. I would allow the players to create PC’s of whatever type they have in mind, be it soldiers, pilots one should be a pilot if possiblecivilian types of any kind, etc.

I’m currently running a Battlestar Galactica using Spycraft 2. Fr ship resources, one good la e to go for visuals is sci-fi meshes.

This site uses cookies. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. We know that at least one world had a reputation for lawlessness, another had a reputation as a world of religious devotees, and so on. Battlestar Galactica d20 Future Okay, so the good news is that a license has been granted to make a Battlestar Galactica roleplaying game. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.


Andargor’s Home

Whatever it takes, keep in mind that your players are members of a hunted race. Another issue is what would PCs be? Post was not sent – check your email batglestar

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Let them get some experience on their own, leveling them to about equivalent to your main NPC leader types, then allow them to rejoin the fleet on the heels of a big battle where many losses including certain NPCs of notoriety – and the players can somehow be drafted civilian or ordered to take up some of these important roles. Email required Address never made public. Like the time that Starbuck played sniper.

It would be a bit difficult to be actually in the Fleet what with the named characters NPCs in a game I would guess stealling all the glory and making all the decisions. Merci pour votre message.

Gina Inviere (D20) | Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The assumption here was that they modified colonial equipment for their own purposes. I think I shall replace the 12 models by a new bunch of skin-jobs even if it contradicts the series.

Some of the material is in the Battlestar RPG page. And what fleet would be complete without civilian vessels.