Formulas & Strategies, Portable 2nd Edition- Bensky & Barolet. Bensky & Barolet. 1 book. SKU# Availability: Out of stock. MW Code: # Sign up to get. Practical insight and detail on + commonly used formulas in Chinese Dan Bensky Each of the plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its. Download Bensky – Formulas & Strategies Description. CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas & Strategies CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas.

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At the back of the book are a number of appendices to assist the reader in understanding and using the material in this book. They believed that these diseases were not due formu,as injury from cold shiing hdnbut rather to a special form of heat which they called warmth wen.

These are finely ground herbs that are pressed together in tablet form. This disorder affects the Lungs and outer layer of the body. Such disagreement arises from different understandings of the underlying mechanism of the formula, or even the condition for which the bnesky is indicated. Where the meaning of the name is not obvious, we have included a brief explanation of its derivation.

The assistant ingredient, Cortex Moutan Radicis mu dun pidrains heat from the blood and assists Herba Artemisiae Annuae qing hao in venting the heat from the body.

However, even Zhang was unable to completely dispense with the previous systems. Chen organized the substances and formulas into ten categories, and provided instructions for the use of each category. The basic rules governing treatment of the root and manifestation are as follows: Measures to rectify this situation were already beginning to occur during this time.

I39 Bupleurum and Calm the Stomach Decoction c h i ping tang. I 9 4 Peony Decoction shao yao tang. In other words, the name of the formula itself is another way of stating the diagnosis.

In other cases, although the chief ingredients as a group may dominate the formula, one of the individual deputy or assistant ingredients forjulas nonetheless have the largest single dosage. This type of pill is sometimes referred to as a ‘bolus.


Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)

Formhlas that reason, this method is often combined with tonification. Even this method is not perfect, however, and all systems based upon it including that used in this book involve some inconsistency. The liquid is then divided into three doses and taken on beneky empty stomach, usually right before meals. These are com- posed of ground herbs and a paste made from either rice or wheat flour. We have therefore provided a resource guide to available prepared medicines as a supplement to this book.

Soft extracts can be used internally or externally.

One of the best examples is the transformation Introduction 18 of Ephedra Decoction ma hang tangwhich is indicated for cold in the exterior, into Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Gypsum, and Licorice Decoction ma xing shi gan tangwhich is indicated for heat in the Lungs. Tables at the end of each chapter reinforce these distinctions by comparing and contrasting formulas across a wider range. When these special treatments are required, they should be noted on the prescription that is given to the pharmacist.

This book is the companion volume to Chinese Herbal Medicine: Particularly in a hospital setting, this type of formulation is more convenient than decoctions. The first type occurs when the chief ingredient in the formula and the formula’s primary action do not change, but minor ingredients are added or subtracted to fine tune the formula for a specific condition. This permits the maximum absorption to occur quickly.

Bensky – Formulas & Strategies – Free Download PDF

It should be apparent to the reader that the relationships among the constituent ingredients are quite complex, and that the formulation of the whole is more than merely the sum of the ingredients’ individual functions or actions. Should you experience less than optimal success in treating a patient, first review the diagnosis. I94 Three-Gold Decoction san jin tang. If, for example, the wrong form of medicine is used or the patient does not prepare the formula correctly or simply refuses to take it, even formulqs most skillful practitioner will not obtain good clinical results.


But while each of formuals aspects is important, they are not presented in a manner which is either comprehensive or directly related to a particular type of formula. Many other formulas were devised by disciples of these schools, about fifty of which are included in our book. In such cases, we usually refer to the change by noting that the ingredients should be used with an appropriate reduction in dosage.

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I26 Warm the Spleen Decoction wenpitang. The forerunner of the classification system that has been used for the past few hundred years was devised by the Tang-dynasty author, Chen Cang-Qi.

In this capacity, it is known as a helpful assistant zuo’ zhh. I38 Bupleurum Decoction plus Mirabilite c h i hu jia mang xiao tang. Some texts also have a separate chapter for formulas that induce vomiting.

In fact it is here, perhaps more than in any other aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, that the influence of modern technology has been felt, as modern formulations and means of extraction are now used on a wide scale. And when it is clear from the context that an organ is referred tormulas in its modern, biomedical sense, we have used the lower case as well.

Professional journals of traditional Chinese medicine published in China are full of interesting and varied ways in which the formulas can be used.