Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many people think. by David Icke First published April 1st Sort by. title, original date Beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina, sve ostalo je opsjena (Paperback). Published by. Infinite Love is the Only Truth has ratings and 24 reviews. Veronique said: Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many peop.

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And the person taking on the government has to pay their own as well as that. And that is manipulating people to believe they’re something they are not and to forget what they really are.

So DI’s books in general are ljuubav easy beskrajjna but they no doubt do hold some water. If you don’t connect the dots it’s just a mass of “what’s all this about? Aug 08, Cesar Sandoval rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 28, Butch added it Shelves: It would just be, no labels necessary. Right to this day she’s the one who organized this event.

What an amazing day, what an amazing event. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.

Nor lmubav this book help me understand DNA. Nowhere in the world will you see a presentation like this one, which connects the apparently unconnected to form the tapestry of knowledge that can set us free from our collective enslavement dsvid the hidden powers behind government, banking, business, media and all the other agencies of manipulation and control.

And the effect remains. We’re experiencing “the movie”, that’s the movie version of reality that we’re given by the mainstream media by what passes for education and all the other sources of mainstream information. Ali stvarnost je iluzija i moramo to razumijeti.


Ultimately his message is pure to me.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6

Waif rated it really liked it Nov 19, I vidio sam oko kako se pojavljuje u svijesti. So, there you go. For people watching this in other parts of the world, the Sun is a newspaper, and I use that word in its widest possible sense.

After covering all the things wrong with the world and government cover ups, I like that he finally has a solution on how to deal with it all. Daj se nasmij, prijatelju! And we need to understand that. And, because of the law there, they tell you what what the drug does, or supposed to, and then they have to reel off all the side effects.

Jun 28, Natasha Diarist Holme rated it liked it Shelves: Be the first to ask a question about Infinite Love is jedinna Only Truth. As far as I understand, it’s like God in kstina omnipotence and omnipresence, if not possessing omniscience. It’s information, it’s what I’ve compiled, it’s conclusions I’ve come to over the last 20 years of full time research in about 45 countries But it’s information.

To je dekodirana iluzija, vrijeme i slijed.

Fear only comes with the illusion of division and separation when consciousness perceives itself as part and not the whole. Are you there, xxx? Will get into this in the second half. I’m not sure I can align myself with much of what the author professes such as green lizards ruling the planet going by the collective name of Illuminati. And today, Dave Elliot and all the crew that made this possible.

And also in the audience somewhere out there, ’cause all looks black to me is a lady called xxx. The one thing you don’t want if you want to create a centralized dictatorship is a thinking, sharp-minded, open-minded aware population that can see through your crap.

Odite u supermarket – hej! My favorite part is his description of how our DNA acts like a crystal that focuses varous cosmic vibrations into the form we see as our bodies.


And what my father used to call Brixton mortar religion is there to enslave the minds of the people and divide and rule the people not to open people to the true, infinite magnitude of who they are. There you go, cross there. He steps away from enumerating interdimensional conspiracies and finds solution in Infinite Love. But behind that it becomes clearer as the dots join up that there’s another agenda behind that which the movie is simply there as a cover story to obscure and hide.

Dave rated it it was amazing Feb 18, May 11, Nik rated it really liked it Shelves: And the worse kind of censorship is self-censorship. And it’s obviously a world with some major, major problems in terms of its operation and the way it’s run. Jednostavno se tako odvilo. Did you get that, Mr.

Rebecca Vigil rated it it was amazing Sep 25, For others this book will either open their eyes, or it will be too hard to understand. In the face of a rigid doctrinaire self-appointed, ready-to-kill hierarchy of scientific censorship it appears foolish to publish such thoughts.

It’s all the same.

Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke

And, you know, some of the side effects of these drugs And this is not kidding ya, he said at the end: Trebali bi imati ugodne lekcije. Da, to ima smisla. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.