Effect of graded doses of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extract on ovary and uterus in albino rats. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of basic and. Objective: The study is aimed to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming (Caesalpiniaceae) flower extract (CBFE) and to study its. Fitoterapia. Dec;77() Epub Jul 6. Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats. Kannur DM(1), Hukkeri VI, Akki KS.

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Inflammation is described as the succession cesalpinia changes in a living tissue, when it is injured provided that the injury is not of such a degree as to at once destroy its structure and vitality, as well injure living microcirculation and related casealpinia Sanderson, In this study, acute inflammation was induced by injecting 0. The effect of the extract was studied in proliferative phase of inflammation induced by cotton pellet in wistar rats.

Identification and authentication of seeds were carried out by Dr. Evaluation of in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of coffee against the denaturation of protein. Evaluation of the chemical composition of two Nigerian medicinal plants. An adaptation of the standard photofluorometric analysis to the estimation of thiamine in plants. Over-production of ROS results in tissue injury by damaging macromolecules and membranes.

If the substances themselves are not fluorescent, they may often be converted into fluorescent derivatives by applying different reagents hence, some crude drugs are often assessed qualitatively in this way and it is an important parameter of pharmacology evaluation Ali, Age-associated changes in oxidative damage and the activity of antioxidant enzymes in rats with inherited overgeneration of free radicals.


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Being seasonal, availability may be a problem during other seasons. Inflammatory response to tissue injury involves a complex array of enzyme activation, mediator release, fluid extravasations, cell migration, carsalpinia breakdown and repair Vane and Botting, Effect on radiographic outcome was tested in adjuvant-induced arthritis.

Human Red Blood Cell Membrane HRBC is analogous to the liposomal membrane and its stabilization implies that the extract may stabilize liposomal membranes. The fluorescence colour is specific for each compound. Animals were fasted for 16 h but allowed fresh water ad libitum. Oil globules, e Parenchyma cells, f Parenchyma with starch grains, g Sclereids, h Starch grains and i Stone cells.

Guilandina bonduc – Wikipedia

Text Book of Pharmacognosy. This mixture was prepared caesalpibia. Anesthetized rats were placed on a radiographic box at a distance of cm from the X-ray source. Physicochemical properties such as foreign matter 0. A cascade of biochemical events propagates and matures the inflammatory response, involving the local vascular system, the immune system and various cells within the injured tissues.

Shelf life study may be required for effectiveness of the extract and to decide its half-life. Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of the whole plant. Inflammation is a complex process, very often associated with pain. Phytochemical constituents of some Nigerian medicinal plants. Furthermore, recent study has indicated potential role of secondary products at the cellular level as plant growth regulators, modulators of gene expression and in signal transduction Kaufman et al.

Family, Caesalpiniaceaea common Indian folk-lore drug.

One-third of the mineral oil was added to the mortar and the mixture was ground to create fine suspension. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, toxicity and analgesic properties of ethanol extract of Solena amplexicaulis root.

Polymethoxylated flavones derived from citrus suppress tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression by human monocytes. Research Journal of Medicinal Plants Volume 10 2: Transcranial electric stimulation entrains cortical neuronal populations in rats.


Limitations of the Study Part of the plant used in this study is flowers. The positive impact of zinc supplementation on the growth of some stunted children and on the prevalence of selected childhood diseases such as diarrhoea, suggests that zinc deficiency is likely to be a significant public health problem, especially in developing countries Osendarp et al. The antimicrobial activity czesalpinia ethanolic extract of C.

Caesalpinia bonducella F-an overview. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Zingiberaceae plants in Taiwan. Estimation of thiamin and ascorbic acid contents in fresh and dried Hibiscus sabdarriffa Roselle and Lactuca sativa Tettuce. Wistar rats — g and mice of either sex were procured from the Laboratory Animal Resource Section of cxesalpinia Institute and acclimatized to the laboratory conditions at least 1 week before experimentation.

Antidiabetic activity of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extracts in rats.

Antioxidant activity of water extract of Harng Jyur Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. When macrophages are activated in the synovial tissue, they are involved in the activation of inflammatory cells, cell contact, over expression of major histocompatibility complex class II molecules and cytokine production. J Adv Pharm Technol Res. Evaluation of in vitro anticancer potential of ethanolic extract and its different fractions of Caesalpinia bonduc L Roxb seeds.

The aqueous extract of C. Table 5 shows the radiographic score of the study. The grinding surface of caesalpibia pestle was moistened with water and Mycobacterium was ground to fine powder.