Transcript of Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition. Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition Author: Jessica Burkhart Characters. Sasha Silver continues her journey of boarding school drama and competitive horsemanship in book #12 of the Canterbrook Crest series. Sasha is one of four students who will be expelled if one does not confess to writing a malicious blog, as she prepares for a surprise birthday party for Heather .

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She already has a perfect boyfriend!

Heather forced her to turn her self in and that was the end of Julia and Canterwood Crest. Sasha looks like a 14 year old girl with brown hair and a horse names Charm. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In this book Sasha is living at a boarding school called Canterwood Crest.

And I loved the unffriendly and how it sew together the Lauren and Sasha books into one series.

Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition by Kennedy Roberts on Prezi

The way they talked about each other, the way they missed each other. They were really mature, really adult-ish. I will stick to what I think and what I kept in mind: Open Preview See a Problem? Jun 27, Sara Bennett rated it unfdiendly liked it Shelves: I just had 2 suspects, one was a definite: It’s OKAY to be single!


So after a bunch of drama where Sasha got kissed by her best friend’s boyfriend on her birthday and I love this series. Aug 09, Mackenzie rated it really liked it. You may not purchase this eBook if you’re from one of the following countries: The author tries to make it seem like the girls are having a hard time because there’s a bunch of catty girls lingering around. Jessica you did it again!

Unfriendly Competition by Jessica Burkhart

knfriendly But I loved it as a kid and it made me appreciate books more, so that’s what matters! Since when were we all the most popular girls? Besides the birthday, a new girl came to Canterwood. She’s now dating Jacob, the guy who kissed her.

Unfriendly Competition (#12 in Canterwood Crest Series)

Also, it’s not that bad being compeition single 12 year old! May 30, Julia rated it liked it. This series is fantastic! Overall, this book is so sweet and fun and I loved it.


Sasha’s life seems to be perfect: She’s the most popular too, she and Sasha used to fight terribly. It was good but short and I was disappointed in it. Sashas story wrapped up nicely, and I can’t say I’ll miss her.

In the first book, Heather and her friends were constantly trying to put down Sasha by constantly pulling pranks that wouldn’t work in real l I read this as it was recommended to me. Mmm, it could also be this person.

Unfriendly Competition

Brit because I was just waiting for canterwoof hidden secret, you never know after all. This was an ah-mazing end to the Sasha books! View Product Add eBook. The Sasha books really end w No!!