From the author of Card College, the world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of -hand card magic, comes Card College Light, Roberto Giobbi’s first text focused. Watch trailer #2 for an in-depth conversation with Roberto Giobbi about this iconic book. “If I knew someone just getting into this business, it would be the first set. Recognized around the world as the most remarkable course in sleight-of-hand card magic ever offered, Card College features engaging, detailed writing with.

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They flow seamlessly between each other. And I think there isn’t! Have a question about this product? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. From the author of Card Collegethe world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of-hand card magic, comes Card College LightRoberto Giobbi’s first text focused entirely on professional caliber card tricks requiring no manipulative skill.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

Along with the classics of card magic, Roberto Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements from his own repertoire, guaranteeing every reader, no matter how experienced, fresh techniques and insights into the performance of professional caliber card magic! If you’d like a list with prices, go to my personal email address – first one listed below with the word “earthlink” in it.


I use a push thru false shuffle. In Volume One he presents a set of basics, and then some tricks that can be done with the basics. Roberto Giobbi is an excellent teacher, with real insight into how magic works, and few are better at this than he is. View our Frequent Questions.

You may also like: You are given more then you need on a subject and then you have to decide the best way to utilize them. See a site map. That’s why I’m here to find out what you guys have to say about Card College for a complete beginner.

My advice is to continue to work through the Card College Series. Share This Page Tweet. Ronerto Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best This is a card-worker’s bible.

RealityOne Thanks for you time. I have a large library. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 2.

Feel free to contact us. The tricks mixed thru the handling are very good. View our magic tricks index.

Card College Volume 1 – Roberto Giobbi

He spent at least an hour going through almost all the individual books that he has on his bookshelf with me, after that, he went on and taught me more about the art of magic. View our Frequent Questions. Card College Light This is the first of two books in the “Light” series. We ship to you directly from within the UK. And for those of you who think you’re good enough for it: When people tell us they are serious about card magic and want to know what books they should buy, we always tell them the same thing: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


And do you know if it is possible to buy them it may be second hand for a good price?

If you follow it to the letter you will be a master card magician. Anyway, I’m sure all magic books are good reads, but I have never heard of this series in all my book research not until the magic shop guy told me of course