This will be a tutorial on using CEGUI in SFML. We will not get For more general CEGUI tutorials, see: We will not be covering how to skin the library in any tutorial, so if you wish to learn more about it, consult the CEGUI website. Raven’s CEGUI Tutorial A CEGUI tutorial from anno This tutorial assumes you have knowledge of C++ programming and are able to.

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They will probably agree on the fact that the development of a decent and clean GUI system is time consuming, and challenges a lot of programming problems. At the time of writing a new stable version 0.

Also for the next couple of statements. Find tutorjal createScene function and add the following code:. This also means that moving the parents will move the child objects!

The second thing we pass to the Subscriber object is the BasicTutorial7 object which will handle the event which is the “this” object. Even registered events can tell the event continuing to bubble up by returning ‘false’ in the event handler even if it actually did something. Tutorisl need to realize a calendar button widget with 3 strings as text parameters day, month and year.

The above code will tell CEGUI where the configuration file can be found, and will create a new system object notice there isn’t anything tutoril the left side of ‘new’. In absolute mode the coordinates given are based on the top-left coordinate 0,0 of the root window.


This single package file actually includes all the other files, and therefore a complete file is generated. I used the links you’ve mentionned above to create some custom widgets, and it’s working quite well I’ve a little more question about custom widgets: Take these rectangles, add texture maps, and voila, instant GUI.

It is very important to inject the character properly since injecting the key down will not always bring about the desired result when using a non-English keyboard. A few pieces of information you can get: Although in the earlier chapters this ceguii addressed before, I do want to say again that the options are endless: There are way more games using this scripting language. Check out the sample source code, and you will find the function.

Crazy Eddies GUI System:Tutorials:Creating a scriptable interface using CEGUI

You might encounter typo’s, which you want to correct. CEGUI is up and running! Timing, Mouse and keyboard input. But now the actual fun starts. CEGUI needs mouse and keyboard input of course.

Remember the setLuaPath function? CEGUI has the ability to load a complete ‘window’ which contains all other controls from a file. This is not a hard thing to do.

Basic Tutorial 7 | Ogre Wiki

CEGUI uses a “unified dimension” system for its sizes and positions. Compile and run the application. Find the keyReleased function and add the following code replacing what is there:. Now we must create the RenderTexture. The system works well but here is a short list of files required to get a simple interface working:.


Maybe there is a nicer way, but I don’t know it. The second is to inject the actual character that was pressed.

The second parameter is an Event:: If you’re using Ogre 1. Script ttuorial handlers, create windows or buttons. Manipulating images in CEGUI is not one of the easiest or most straightforward things in the library.

CEGUI (Crazy Eddie’s GUI) Forums

Right now we can press as long as we want on the button, but nothing will happen. It’s possible to use WindowManager:: An easy way to determine if your interface is to let some people work with it who are not involved in the tutoorial development at all. Which control, which mouse button or key, etc. CEGUI comes packed with default controls.

EventClicked” means that we subscribe to the click event of the pushbutton which is the object we use. After the introduction, the time has to come to explain more about this GUI library. An imageset is made out of two files: To do this please proceed as following:.

Copy the contents of the BaseApplication:: Please note that, if any errors should occur now you will need to try to solve them yourself. The following two directories are needed.

Copy the following xml code into a text editor and save as ‘Tutorial Gui.