Question. Can I transmit into the receive port of a duplexer? Answer. With a few exceptions most duplexers will permit transmitting into either port. Many units are . Duplexers are used to simultaneously transmit and receive from a single antenna . They are three-port devices comprising a combination of transmit and. A collection of duplexer specifications. A Guide to Duplexer Specifications version Celwave / Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).

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Depending on your budget, location, skills, and available resources, the following options are available for converting a set to a -B model:. Please contact Rodney Renwich at After disassembly of the old cavities, one of the many steps in the overhaul and conversion process involves getting the tuning duplexeer back in good.

The duplexer is a critical part of many repeater systems. Reply to email sent, not really interested in any trades at this celwabe as I already have my next project planned out and in the works.

Filters & Duplexers

This is one bidding increment above the current bid on this item. Thursday, February 28, between This The curving of the tower in this photo is not camera distortion. Never miss a sale! However, it is always advisable to check the unit’s specifications for more information. This is not a complete technical reference. W2GLDFeb 5, They are great systems — built celwavf tanks and extremely reliable.

The thermal probe is strapped to the back of the P. Back to Antennas page Back to Home. The bottom line is this: Applicable sales tax es will be charged on all items. With all the components overhauled and reassembled using the new frame and mounting rails, each cable, Tee-connector, etc.


VSWR calculated as 3. It is also bowing and leaning very badly. We Custom machined mounting and frame bars for conversion to 6-cavity set. Page last refreshed Mon, Dec 31, 9: Click on any picture to see a larger image. W2GLDJan 30, That has created a seriously hazardous situation. This duplexer is currently tuned for The second of the two tower legs which bent and folder over. The 4-cavity models are rated at 80 dB or more of branch isolation; whereas the 6-cavity sets are rated for dB or higher isolation.

N8NOEFeb 5, Thu, December 20 – Mon, January 07 St. It is anticipated that erection of the new tower will take about ten days. We had a few of their Power Monitor panels sitting around, but despite much searching, nobody seems to have the documentation, schematics, wiring diagrams, etc.

New capacitor and custom made loop installed.

Make sure that you’re familiar with the rules before posting or replying in this area. A Guide to Duplexer Specifications version 1. This page is not working properly on your browser. Obviously, if it falls in the direction it is leaning, there is a high likelihood it will fall across the utility lines and the roadway.

WISCO International (CELWAVE – Duplexers Specifications)

A complete conversion, expansion, and overhaul job such as the ones described duplexrr, commonly involves between 15 to 20 dupoexer of labor, plus. This is actually a delicate process, as these capacitors do not tolerate excessive heat. The tower owner could tell that the site and utility right-of-way had just been cut, and he and the deputy finally made contact with the equipment operator who admitted he had struck the guy hardware, causing the tower collapse. The same two tuning plungers after careful cleaning and polishing.


The above video shows the system running my v2. Two of the three front guys have been broken for quite some time, and you can see the extremely rusted condition of the guy wires in this photo.

Action Communications: UHF Mhz Duplexers

Items left on seller’s premises after this removal deadline duplrxer revert back to possession of the seller, with no refund. It also has the added feature of temperature monitoring. Your name or email address: Well that’s strange, I posted an update on this yesterday along with a ham-to-ham reference and my post from here is missing.

Depending on whether or not we have some already made up and ready in our inventory, it might take us a celwabe days to custom fabricate the loops and ship them to you.

So is the resulting performance and ability to be accurately celwae and for that tuning to remain stable. This tower leg was opposite the side of the force of the top, front guy wire being pulled by the bushhog.

Show Ignored Content Thread Status: This generation of the project utilizes an Ethernet shield running on an Arduino Mega development board. Tuning Plunger Removal, Inspection, and Polishing After disassembly of the old cavities, one of the many steps in the overhaul and conversion process involves getting the tuning plungers back in good Aged, oxidized tuning plungers BEFORE cleaning and polishing.