CIMAH Regulations CIMAH regulations apply to all industrial activities except: A nuclear installation. – An installation under armed forces. – A vehicle or . Occupational Safety and Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations Popular. Published on 23 April Modified on 25 August. Name: Occupational Safety And Health (Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards) Regulations [P.U.(A) 39/96]. Country: Malaysia. Subject(s).

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Nuclear installation; Installation under the armed forces; Vehicle or vessel use in transportation; Industrial activity which involves less than 10 percent of the threshold quantity set out in Schedule 2 of the Regulations 3.

The manufacturer reghlations be entitled to take urgent and remedial action with respect to an industrial activity in order to put an end to or prevent imminent danger to life or property. Rsgulations authorities may upon receiving the information prepare and keep an up-to-date and adequate off-site emergency plan. Came in force 1st February Schedule 2 Azinphos-methyl reggulations Benzidine 1 kilogram Benzidine salts 1 kilogram Beryllium powders, compounds 10 kilograms Bis 2-chloroethyl sulphide 1 kilogram Regulqtions chloromethyl ether 1 kilogram Carbofuran kilograms Carbophenothion kilograms Chlorfenvinphos kilograms 4- Chloroformyl morpholine 1 kilogram Chloromethyl methyl ether 1 kilogram Cobalt metal, oxides, carbonates and 1 tonne sulphides as powders.

Details of where further relevant information can be obtained, subject to the requirements of confidentiality laid down in any national legislation. Some Definitions within CIMAH Port Authority – any port authority established under any written law; Preparation – a mixture or solution of two or more substances; Site — the whole of an area of land under the control of a manufacturer and includes a pier, jetty or similar structure, whether floating or not; or a structure, whether floating on water or not, which is under the control of a manufacturer; Threshold Quantity – in relation to a given hazardous substance or a category s of hazardous substances, means the quantity s which is or are equal to the amount set out in Schedule 2.

Information relating to every hazardous substance involved in the industrial activity and its relevant quantity as refulations in Schedule 2, namely: While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Oxidizing Substances – substances which give rise to highly exothermic reaction when in contact with other substances particularly flammable substances.


Program Integrity Regulations. Installation for regukations production, processing or treatment of energy gases, for example light petroleum gas, light natural regulationa and synthetic natural gas.

Information relating to a potential major accident in the form of risk assessment which contains the following: For new installations submit notification not less than a month retulations construction.

Schedule 2 4-Fluorobutryic acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorobutryic acid, salts 1 fegulations 4-Fluorobutryic acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorobutryic acid, amides 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, salts 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorocrotonic acid, amides 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid, salts 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric acid, esters 1 kilogram 4-Fluorohydroxybutyric cikah, amides 1 kg.

Major Hazard Installation – an industrial activity which produces, processes, handles, uses, disposes of or stores, permanently or temporarily, one or more hazardous substances equal of exceed the threshold quantity. Confirmation that the site is subject to these Regulations and that the report referred to in sub-regulation 15 1 been submitted to the Director General.

Back to Hazardous Substance Regulagions to Schedule 4. Information relating to a potential major accident in the form of risk assessment which contains the following:.

The Director General may review the on-site emergency plan submitted to him, and shall, if he is of the opinion that the plan submitted is not satisfactory, direct the manufacturer in writing to improve the emergency plan within such time as he may specify.

Information relating to the system of management system for controlling the industrial activity, 11996 —. Emergency plan to be prepared in consultation with a Competent person.

Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Regulations 1996

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Quantity of Hazardous Substances at the Installation Note: Categories of Substances and Preparations not specifically named in Part 1 The quantities of different substances and preparations of the same category are cumulative. The quantities apply in each case to each group of installations belonging to the regulatiions manufacturer where the distance between the installations is less than meters Part 1: Non Major Hazard Installation.

Penalty for manufacturer of non-compliance is a fine up to RM50k or jail term of not more than 2 years or both. Off-site Emergency Plan The manufacturer shall inform the local authority or port authority of that area that his industrial activity regukations considered capable of producing a major accident hazard and of the need for the preparation of an off-site emergency plan for the area surrounding his site.

Quantity of Hazardous Substances at the Installation. The name of the hazardous substance as given in Schedule 2 or, for a hazardous substance included under a general designation, the name corresponding to the chemical formula of the hazardous substance General description of the analytical method available to the manufacturer in determining the presence of the hazardous substance or references to such methods in regulatiions scientific literature A brief description of the hazards which may be created by the hazardous substance The degree of purity of the hazardous substance and the names of its main impurities and their percentage Information relating to the installation, namely: Categories of Substances Threshold Quantity 1.


Schedule 2 Promurit 1- 3,4-Dichlorophenyl kilograms triazenethio-carboxamide 1,3-Propanesultone 1 kilogram 1-Propenchloro-1,3-diol diacetate 10 kilograms Pyrazoxon kilograms Selenium hexafluoride 10 kilograms Sodium selenite kilograms Stibine Antimony hydride kilograms Sulfotep kilograms Sulphur dichloride 1 tonne Tellurium hexafluoride kilograms TEPP kg.

Named Substances Where a substance or group of substances listed in Part 1 also falls within a category of Part 2 the quantities set out in Part 1 shall be used.

Installations for the dry distillation of coal or cimay. Details of where further relevant rfgulations can be obtained, subject to the requirements of confidentiality laid down in any national legislation. Installations for the bottling of flammable and toxic substances defined under paragraphs ab and c of Schedule 1, for example, light petroleum gas, ammonia, chlorine and acetylene.

Major Hazard Installation This part shall apply to: Schedule 2 Part 1: Require preparation of safety report by Competent Person.

Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Regulations ppt download

Inform the Public The manufacturer has to ensure that persons outside the site who are likely to to be affected by a major accident occurring at the site, are supplied with at least the information specified in Schedule 3. Schedule 3 General information relating to the nature of a major accident hazard including its potential effects on the population and the environment. Back to Reports on Industrial Activity. Schedule 4 Installation for distillation, refining or other processing of petroleum or petroleum products.

Occupational Safety

Prepare and submit on-site emergency plan 3 months before commencement of industrial activity. Download Presentation Connecting to Server. Regulations under OSHA Regulations apply to all industrial activities except: Information relating to the installation, namely: