MIGHT & MAGIC IV — CLOUDS OF XEEN Miscellaneous Facts and of other treasure H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords 4. and Magic: World of Xeen on the PC, Darkside FAQ/Walkthrough by H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords J. Maps of selected. Cheat resources for Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen and Worlds of Xeen. there’s a file called “” that contains a chart of all the keywords in all.

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There is a weird machine in Asp that is turning the townspeople into snakes. Merchant Allows the character to receive full value instead of half value when selling an item in a store.

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen – Wikipedia

The currents of the river travel from the center of the world to the edge. Xaemoon Xaemoon Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Menu Store New releases. Pathfinder At least two characters with this skill are needed to move through dense forests on foot.

Find More Posts by Borodin. Please, try again later. You must rescue Crodo from Darzog’s Tower before you will be allowed to build a dungeon. The auto-map is about the same as it was in Isles of Terra. Some of them are even packed in crates.

Ketwords are three stages of Newcastle to buy. You can then go back to the resistance boosters you skipped, such as the fire and electricity resistance books in Ellinger’s Tower. Dragon King Dragon Tower Level 2: Lava Dweller, Gamma Gazer A2: Cast your protection spells at pf There are no hirelings.

This is modified by race, with a bonus of 2 points per ekywords. Jump – this spell is handy not only jumping over traps and holes in the ground, but also putting distance between you and a monster lacking a ranged flouds.


At the other end of the scale, if a statistic is 0 it is possible to die when resting, although this form of “natural death” can still be undone with the Raise Dead spell.

Protection from Elements – this is cast at a power level equal to 5 plus twice the caster’s level, with a maximum of Eventually, I decided to focus on Cloudside first. Get two melee characters. The quest screen, with the quest items tab open. Six characters is all you get in World of Xeen.

There, they discover Corak to be dead, but manage to resurrect him. Then, I started focusing more on Darkside and slowly and methodically explored it. Locations of major areas B. If damage is reduced to zero, then additional status conditions from that attack do not apply. It also had a difficulty setting where you could select Adventurer or Warrior, with the latter having more challenging enemies in combat, but no other gameplay differences.

Might and Magic 4 and 5 – World Of Xeen – Page 51 – Forums

Speed also determines when your character acts during combat. A slight annoyance is that the interface remains slow to scrollso once you have a lot of notes, it becomes tedious to find the correct one.

No effect for other classes. They turn to Darkside and, per instructions given by the Dragon Keyeords, free Corak, who helps them finally defeat Sheltem once and for all, but sacrifices himself in the process. Fractions are retained, and only discarded after multiplying by the character’s level. Two characters must have the mountaineer skill before you can walk in the mountains. He who runs away lives to fight another day.

Raise Dead – this will permanently reduce the Endurance of the recipient by 1. Near the Cave of Illusion is a lone patch of forest where you can find talking trees. He lives next door to Mylo. Monitor Monitor Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. If we turn to the west and follow the edge of the mountains, we will some Orcs to fight and the entrance to the Dwarven Mines, where we would usually go next if this was just Clouds of Xeen.


Worlds of Xeen Cheats

Corak is trapped in stasis on his ship, but Sheltem manages to go free and, posing as King Alamar, success at taking control of Darkside from its guardian, the Dragon Pharaoh.

Minotaur Dungeon of Lost Souls Level 2: The following tables show base damage, armor class ratings, cost, and which leywords may equip them. The notation XdY means the same thing as it does in traditional tabletop gaming; xden random number is generated by rolling a Y-sided die X times and then adding together the rolls.

Mad Fool Castle Burlock Level 3: If the first roll is greater, then the damage you take is halved and rounded down, and you get to make another saving throw this sentence is something I’m reasonably certain about. The bonus applies to the number of spell points per level for Paladins and Clerics.

Day of the Destroyer IX X: They may cast spells from the arcane spellbook, but only have half as many spell points as full Sorcerers, xeenn their spells cost twice as much in mage guilds.

Castleview 8,17 – maximum level 30 Sandcaster 19,12 – maximum level 50 Castle Kalindra Level 3 15,0 – maximum level Olympus 5,10 – maximum level The maximum unbuffed ieywords a character can have is Sorcerers are primarily magic users who use the arcane spellbook.

No effect for other classes. These aren’t particularly useful to have, though, because at higher levels it’s generally better to use spells as ranged attacks. The actual game function of the skills follow.

At levels 2 to 5 an item will receive exactly one of: