The Wehrmacht is a German army featured in Company of Heroes. Choice depends of commanders strategy, however, earlier mentioned weakness, lack of . What is the main strategy/focus of the wehrmacht? What are good commanders and why? (I tried to search some guides, but most of them are. ?show=page&name= company-of-heroes-wehrmacht-bud-t3-t4-strategy-guide-.

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However, at this stage, Wehrmacht forces still lack mobility. Also, a new infantry unit, the Grenadiers squad can be equipped with Panzerschrecks which are deadly not only to gyide vehicles, but also to tanks. Good if there is tons of units and it would be suicide to shoot at one. My sn is Latias, I’ll be on tommorow.

As i said use cover,make mines,all possible buildings and free buildings for cover,road blocks for some vehicles,conserve your resources don’t buy something you won’t use much,make medic bunkers they are very good. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Support Vet Strategy Welcome to my first real, concentrated effort into developing a strategy that works equally effectively against both the United States and British armies After every research, a new building is available to be built. Their soldiers seem weak and it takes a while to get good vehicles.

They cost manpower they come in wehrjacht man,are better with Flame upgrade,can detect mines with upgrade. Terror Guide The Terror Doctrine offers some very unique abilities that maintain their effectiveness through out the entire game, while also supplying the This will help you win most engagements with infantry. Another option is producing a Knight Cross Holders squad.

Voh veterancy is interesting because it is bought. Their abilities will be strengthened if proper upgrades from the Kampfkraft Center are purchased. Boards Company of Heroes: Well to use it correctly you should always micro motor bike because it can be destroyed quickly, so take care about it. SO don’t just waste your munition like that.


Volksgrenadiers come as a 5 man unit, they are regular Axis units, they can be upgraded to Mp42 which is better at short range. Lol, what a n00b. Units cap these points at different rates.

When your opponent’s or opponents’, if in a 2v2 or higher victory points reach zero, you win. The Ostwind flakpanzer aka “the oversized lawnmower” is the most powerful anti-infantry tank in the game.

Factions and their differences. Motor bike is a great unit for pushing engineers away from capturing sectors, also the best unit against snipers since they have great ability to see stealth units. Infantry capture wehrmacgt, and in turn they increase the amount of resources you receive.

Wehrmacht tips for a noob – Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. A popular choice is the ‘Volksgrenadier’ squad, the basic infantry for this faction. You must make sure to move your stukas after every barrage though to avoid counterbattery fire. Support Veterancy is rarely useful.

This is particularly useful during an advance. Tank veterancy is definitely worth getting later in the game. The backbone of the american army are their riflemen, which cap points the fastest 1. Use them to bombard in fog in fog they have lower accurancy ,also if you see mortar that isn’t mained take it.

Company of Heroes

It’s a required upgrade to research LMG42s for Grenadiers, the Flammenwerfer upgrade for the Haltrack, the Wehemacht grenade usage for the 8. Therefore, purchasing the first infantry upgrade will guie all infantry units to Veterancy level 1, the second upgrade will raise them to level 2, and the third to level 3.


It is very important to delete the trench if things look bad, because the enemy can use an empty trench, and the british have very few options for clearing them out. I’ve tried them but they didn’t seem much better compared to the Volks squads.

I’m nearly the top of the 1v1 ladder for them, and I’m working on the 2v2 ladder as well, just for fun. Ray, I know that you are angry because I called you a fuide little man with no life, but leave you nerdy “n00b” smack talk somewhere else.

They are a very tricky faction to play because their veterancy comes in the form of officers. The Panther, a staggering manpower and fuel, is the most powerful non-doctrinal tank unit in the game with very little anti-infantry power.

Although grenadiers are more experienced and more superior at fighting than Volksgrenadiers, they still can lose to these weapons. They are heavy infantry,good against all type of infantry’s just use them good in cover,you can upgrade to bazooka,more of them can take it not just one they can also camouflage,and remember when you are retreating them don’t retreat in camo because they are slower then.

If your opponent has a blob of infantry, cloak and hold fire. Low resource points are next in line, followed by medium and high. Just click on one of the building icons and start producing whatever, and set a rally point where you want it to go.