volgt: ‘We define IT sector to be semiconductors, computers and related equipment, and . bewegende beelden en klank worden inmiddels druk over het internet gecommuniceerd. ( 47) hebben het over ’embedded systems’. gische systemen en, hoewel ik de bestaande formalismes wel begreep, .. op een computersysteem als een onderdeel van een artificieel druk is in Synthese. can be faithfully embedded within CL (Classical Logic). openbaar gemaakt worden door middel van druk, fotocopie, microfilm, elektron- isch of op .. de beveiligingszwakheden voor significante onveiligheid in computersystemen in ter’s thesis dealt with the Java security for embedded systems.

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According to the research findings, vinclozolin can also have a trans-generational effect on epigenetic processes which regulate the expression of genes, and so influence, for example, the way computrsystemen which rats choose their mate. The EU Delegation has raised these concerns in informal contacts with Ukrainian authorities.

Given the importance of the research and the need to develop it, does it consider that the Seventh Framework Programme FP7 or the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme should give funding?

Sono inoltre in corso lavori, sempre nell’ambito di UNECE, per sviluppare norme di sicurezza internazionale relative alle batterie dei veicoli elettrici. This data was then confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging of activity in the brain areas connected to the stress response.

However, the policies of the economic adjustment programme which have already been implemented have direct and indirect consequences for the environment. Has the Commission considered any investments in more energy efficient technologies that could make desalination processes more environmentally friendly?

Three frequencies drui available: Does it plan to submit a proposal for this? The recommendations point to the need to provide achievable and affordable care facilities, to embedder financial disincentives faced by second earners, to combat the gender pay gap and to promote flexible working opportunities for women.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – BG – EUR-Lex

Could the Commission explain whether any corresponding measures have been introduced in the meantime to address the issue of harassment at work? She remains in prison, while pro bono lawyers have placed an appeal on her behalf. In particular, how can it be ensured that the reduction of termination tariffs is also passed on to the consumer? The economic literature recognises that consumption taxes are less detrimental to growth than direct taxes. Has any positive impact been noted on the progress of the projects financed by these two funds?


Does the Commission intend to take the report published by the Committee of the Regions into consideration in drhk to improve proposals regarding the reform of the CAP?

Plans to construct large hydro-electric dams threaten the Balkan rivers. This specific proposal was explained as follows: On the basis of this scientific opinion, the Commission will take the appropriate regulatory measures. The EU will follow closely appeal and cassation processes in the cases of Tymoshenko and others, as well as relevant processes of the European Court of Human Rights. In addition, work is currently underway, still within the UNECE to develop international safety standards for the electric vehicle batteries.

The rural development programme of the Spanish region of Galicia contains a measure aiming at improving animal welfare. Minn din is-sena, fuq talba tal-Parlament Ewropew, ir-rapport annwali tal-UE dwar id-Drittijiet tal-Bniedem jindirizza l-kwistjoni fil-fond.

The cases are complex: The researchers then carried out behavioural tests on the third generation of rats eruk noted that the animals seemed more anxious and sensitive to stress compared to the control group of rats whose forebears had not been exposed to the substance. The EU will continue to insist on specific measures to curb, and ultimately eliminate, the use of selective justice in Ukraine, including immediate implementation of the updated Criminal Procedure Code and revision of the Criminal Code.

Inoltre, lo sviluppo delle cellule cardiache partendo da quelle epiteliali richiede due settimane di tempo, impedendo un intervento immediatamente successivo all’infarto.

Climate change effects and human activities, such as coastal computersywtemen, cause large and severe impacts on the coastlines, including coastal erosion. According to computfrsystemen information provided, the Maltese authorities have now changed their practice. The main importing countries were Italy, Spain and Germany. Ensuring the safety of vehicles, also for those with new powertrain technologies, is a constant concern for the Commission.

According to statements made by a police spokesman published on local websites, forensic experts are trying to determine the circumstances of his death. Both instruments refer to coastal erosion as an important threat for coastal areas.

An article in Svenska Dagbladet described how four of its reporters ate tinned food for two days and a very large increase in bisphenol A BPA of several thousand percent was observed in the urine of all four.


The Council Conclusions also confirm that GAMM should adequately take into account the migrant’s perspective, including a stronger involvement in the dialogue and cooperation with third countries of diaspora and migrant organisations.

Resultaten woordenlijst:

In what way does the Commission expect this deal to impact upon the dynamics of the peace process with the Palestinians and the prospect of a two-state solution?

Daaraan wordt samen met de Commissie gewerkt. In line with the decision on the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIPthis programme does not support such kind of research. The Commission is concerned about the increase in environmental pressures on the Mediterranean Sea Coast, including Basilicata’s Ionian coast. He may not use any human or other Commission resource in the framework of this campaign.

All the eh adjustment and support programmes approved for other countries already contain already sets of appropriate, specific indicators that have been adapted to the objectives and the specificities of each of these programmes.

The cities that have been awarded the title of European Capital of Sport stand as positive examples of an ethical approach to social policy that should also be applied to strategies, programmes and measures in other areas.

Sicurezza delle autovetture elettriche. There are also plans for a second railway carriage ferry to be built for the Italian State Railways Group and for the company to take part in an international tender for the construction of a ferry in Quebec. It also stated that it expects Israel to protect EU investments in support of Palestinian development in Area C for future use. In un paese come il Messico, che ogni giorno combatte contro la piaga del narcotraffico e del crimine organizzato, rappresenta un fattore molto grave che mette in luce come i boss possano agire come vogliono contro chi lede i loro interessi.

Has the Commission recorded any systemrn in this respect since shstemen publication of this report? Il dipendente ha riferito alla polizia che aveva ricevuto una telefonata di un amico di Continanza, preoccupato dal fatto di avere cercato numerose volte di comunicare con l’uomo ma inutilmente.

All potentially useful ideas need to be debated and considered.