Confessions of an Antinatalist. Publisher: Nine Banded Books. Author: Jim Crawford. Release Date: Out Now! Price: $ U.S. Shipping: Jim Crawford – Confessions of an Antinatalist – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A review of Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, a memoir-cum- manifesto explaining why human life should not exist.

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Neither do we know in advance how much a particular being will be happy. Thanks for your comment, Vicky! This is a fundamental difference, between naturalism and supernaturalism.

Justin — you keep ignoring the point that has been made repeatedly about the absence of pleasure in the non-existent not being a deprivation. People pump out kids, these days, citing it as an obligation, with the rest of society obliged to pay the bill. Potential persons have benefit foisted upon them as well. What is so crucial about our particular existence that we feel compelled to roll children out of their carnal slumber, slap them around for a while, feed them, fuck them, pull them through knotholes, blindfold them, turn them round and round, then send them back off to find their beds?

I fear the suffering my children will face, but I trust they would make the same choice. Congrats on the book jim.

Confesaions, if we are moral, then we have a moral duty to refuse to add more suffering to the human race, by adding to that race. Now, Hollywood is our criterion for demonstrating tangible reality.

Outside of football, touchdowns and their denial have no meaning. That is, as the human race has grown from thousands to billions, yes the total aggregate suffering has risen, but so has the total aggregate happiness, and more to the point: So although before one comes into existence, pain is technically guaranteed and pleasure is not, once one does come into existence, this truth is irrelevant, as one must get to work seeking goodness and avoiding badness.


Even if we are habituated not to think in such terms.

» Confessions of an Antinatalist | Nine Banded Books

Which makes me wonder if that was the agenda all along… hmmm… Honestly, to settle this we condessions have to get into the nitty gritty of the fundamental assumptions being made on all sides, which might take a while to discover.

Help me out here.

Some humans suffer all of the time. Difference between a non-existing person and an existing one, who may fall ill. Matthew Barnett rated it really liked it May 11, For instance, Fo believe most people would find consideration of possible harmful genetic factors extremely relevant when deciding whether or not to conceive.

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

If we acknowledge that suffering is a part of the natural world, that there is no supernatural afterlife to strive for, and that as humans we suffer as much as the rest of nature, then when we make the decision to create life, we do so knowing that we have doomed our children to a life of suffering, and ultimately death.

Ironically, this is a very Buddhist attitude to take. Major Brocelot rated it really liked it Apr 19, Sign up for my email zntinatalist and receive a antimatalist copy of Confessions of an Online Hustler and Writing for Peanuts, as well as biweekly newsletters featuring exclusive news you won’t find anywhere else. We know countless examples of people with what seem to most of us as hopeless handicaps, and yet the fact that they are not suicidal is proof enough that they prefer existence to non-existence.


In the absence of existence, there is no pleasure and no pain. What do you expect? Again, you have an incomplete statement here.

Have you read something that literally turned on a floating light bulb over your head? In any case, if you are to really take the anti-natalist position, then in fact you are also investing human life with some inherent value, because you want to prevent suffering. I thank my lucky stars that my Parents had me. But a million people kill themselves every year, with something like twenty times that many attempts. I’d like to receive the newsletter.

Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford

I must value myself on some unconscious, unspoken level before I have even uttered a word or had a single thought. The central issue here is, which takes precedence, existence or experience?

I think that at best, childhood is a kind of fog that a kid ab pushed and pulled through. Hell, the shear joy of eluding a predator might be something most of us humans can never know. If you want to be reminded when new books or reprints are available, please leave us your email address below. Instead, you are giving them the choice: Open Preview See a Problem? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.