1. CFC Youth for Christ. YEAR 1: COVENANT ORIENTATION ( EDITION). YFC Covenant Orientation. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 1: THE COVENANT . Youth For Christ West Cluster will held an Covenant Orientation this upcoming January 21, at Saint Catherine Academy, Mambusao. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the.

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Covenant Orientation | CFC-Youth For Christ Capiz

Each person bears the image of God and is loved by God. Pride – Take on the attitude mentioned in Phil. I believe that I belong to the bigger family of Youth for Christ.

Loving our neighbors—classmates, teachers, janitors, etc. Run down the schedule for the day.

TALK 2 – Covenant Orientation by Beverly Ann Cueto on Prezi

Ygc have I shown my love for God a with all my heart? Conclusion There is an attack on the family. He loves us and He considers us special.

The Covenant of a Youth for Christ member What more can I do to express my love for God? Encourage them to do so.


Let us avoid sticking just with those we are comfortable with because it causes division. What area in my relationship with my brothers and sisters can I grow in? Showing our country honors and respect. Loving Youth for Christ as a Family A. Make sure to connect the talks, stressing the importance of each. Finding opportunities to share C.

We will experience dryness in prayer as if God is nowhere to be found. Since we know that God loves us and that we are special to Him, He has forgiven our sins and we are His children, then the Lord is also special to us.

The blood that unites us is greater than any of these— the blood of Jesus Christ Jn.

Keep positive aspects of that culture 3. Taking pride in our heritage.

Refer to schedule c. Go out of your way to get to know all brothers and sisters. We should be able to do that wherever it is that He has placed us – our own countries.

God has placed us where we are, according to His purposes, so that we can use their circumstances that surround us to be witnesses for Him.


How have I shown my love for God: God forgives my sins. We know that God has a purpose for everything.

YFC WA | Covenant Orientation 2018

The Covenant talks may be given as a whole day activity or as two half-day activities. Being responsible students – Being the best we can be for the Lord. The Covenant Talks are as follows: Loving, Honoring, and Orientatuon Brothers and Sisters We should be eager to bring other souls to the Lord by serving actively in YFC activities, Youth Camps or church activities.

What things do I do that show dishonor for the country that God has placed me in? Serving our country – being model citizens. Two things to remember about the family: Eagerness to serve C.

Love Love should always be part of our relationship as brothers and sisters. God loves me Jn.

Obeying the laws of the land.