Craig Mullins. You may know Craig from his popular books: Db2 Developer’s Guide, 6th edition and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA. Craig S Mullins is president & principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., is an IBM Information Champion, and an IBM Gold Consultant for DB2. Craig has. DB2 Developer’s Guide [Craig S. Mullins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DB2 Developer’s Guide, Fourth Edition is completely revised.

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Do you want to share your experiences, know-how, and best practices with other Db2ers? Happy Holidays It is hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone well, almost and that the holiday season is once again upon us. Order DB2 Developer’s Guide6th edition. Similar input values result in totally different generated values so the results are not predictable and the hashing function is designed to be criag, so you cannot infer information about the original value from the generated value.

Personal information like name, address, social security number, payment card details; financial data like account numbers, revenue, salary, transactions; confidential company information like blueprints, product roadmaps, acquisition plans. You can mulline a separate set of rules for each Db2 subsystem that you work with.

However, it lacks the robust, repeatable nature for generating masked data that a tool like BCV5 can provide.

Craig Mullins

Mulllns has been in print for over twenty years in 6 different editions. Read it to save yourself an enormous amount of pain and suffering. Application programmers must understand how concurrency problems impact the access and modification of Db2 data. What makes this book unique is the case studies illustrating various DB2 10 features and capabilities. Examples include access to a reference, code, or look-up table where the data is non-volatilestatistical processing on large amounts of data, analytical queries in data warehousing and Business Intelligence BI applications, or when a table or set of tables is used by a single user only which is rare.


That means no matter how many times you run the masking process you get the same mask values; the values are different than the production values, but they always match the same test values. So, when is it a good idea to implement dirty reads using the UR isolation level? But back to today’s topic The data in the database must be correct and proper after the transaction executes. If you’ve bought ceaig. Consider the crzig sequence of events: The latest edition of a classic book on DB2 for database administrators and application programmers.

So each month, Db2 DBAs would eagerly anticipate receiving the latest tip of the month from Platinum From the earliest days of the country until Lincoln, the date Thanksgiving was observed differed from st…. Historically, Thanksgiving has been observed in the United States on various dates.

Not only do you need to understand DB2, but you also need to understand programming and design issues, SQL, data modeling, operating system internals, on -line transaction processing systems, performance monitors, third-party tools, distributed data, and office politics.

Craig Mullins, Author at IBM IT Infrastructure Blog

If my bank deployed dirty reads on its core banking applications I would definitely find myself another bank! Monday, November 12, Data Masking: This information can be found in the Db2 Catalog. Our m odern idea of Thanksgiving was first officially called for in all states in by a presidential proclamation made by Abraham Lincoln.

But as of the 19th Century, the final Thursday in November has been the customary celebration date. I did this because the blog has been around for a long time now Platinum was acquired by CA in and most of those good old Platinum Db2 tools are still available from CA today albeit updated and modified, of course.


Just a quick post today to wish all of my readers in the US and everywhere, really a very Happy Thanksgiving. Mullins for knowledge of DB2 and clear presentation style.

Mullins Consulting, Inc. (Craig S. Mullins)

Masked data does not expose sensitive data to those using it for tasks millins software testing and user training. Such a capability is important to be in…. I found this work to be both a comprehensive tutorial on all aspects of DB2, and at the same time the most valuable reference book on DB2 for MVS.

Because the program simply reads the data in whatever state it happens to be at that moment, it can execute faster than if it had to wait for locks to be taken and resources to be freed before processing.

And importantly, it is also time to wind down …. You should look to avoid setting up poor data masking rules.

Regular readers should have noticed that the logo and basic design of the blog has been “spiffed” up a bit. Craig’s no-nonsense approach to DB2 topics could only come from the knowledge of mullis worked in the pits in-depth with DB2. When using uncommitted reads, an application program can read data that has been changed, but not yet committed.

Thursday, November 22, Happy Thanksgiving Programs that read Db2 data typically access numerous rows during their execution and are susceptible to concurrency problems.