The Lost Scripts, Part III: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods Darabont turned in three versions of his screenplay, culminating in ‘s. Darabont, who previously worked with George Lucas as a script writer on the The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones television show, was. Darabont’s script, allegedly. The script I’d been waiting three years to read of a film I’d waited 10 years to see – but never will Indiana Jones and The City Of.

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The alien releases him and moves on to Yuri. Tor is an encrypted anonymising network that makes it harder to intercept internet communications, or see where communications are coming from or going to. Spielberg also refused to budge idniana not liking that idea. It was widely reported beforehand that Darabont had written a rejected Indiana Jones screenplay.

Darabont finished his script toward the end of and presented it to Steven Spielberg. It’s been 20 years since Indiana Jones was in his prime. Now, in the s, his research expeditions are solitary affairs in the Nevada desert, searching for small fragments of ancient Native American pottery; a far cry from the jungles and adventures darabomt his youth.

Frank Darabont’s Lost Indiana Jones Script

He then swings around and decks Yuri, forcing the plane to swerve and dive. Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our public PGP key. Grab a box of tissues and get ready to cry over what could have indkana. George Lucas is working on an idea now. She’s also married, and not to Dr. Copy this address into your Tor browser.

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The script is often very clever. If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you.


Calls to Paramount and Lucasfilm were unreturned at press time. The Plot It’s been 20 years since Indiana Jones was in his prime.

What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. No Mutt Williams; no Mac; a tougher, more “Raiders”-esque Marion; and a climax that not only gives Indy something to do how in the world did David Koepp think to give Indy nothing? The plane comes in hard and fast, its wings sheared off by jungle foliage and it belly flops on the ground. But before Yuri’s wish is granted, Indy shoots the crystal skull and it explodes into tiny shards.

If you need help using Tor you can contact WikiLeaks for assistance in setting it up using our simple webchat available at: But little do they realize there’s a jungle plateau ahead and Marion can’t get the plane pulled up in time.

This includes other media organisations. His old Indiana Jones friends, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, were on hand to speak at the event, marking the first time they’d all been in the same room together in many years. Shia can get his own hat. I always knew someday you’d come walking back through my door”and even the golden fertility idol. That was enough for Lucas to dig out his old story notes, outlines, and screenplays, including one for a never-filmed episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles that dealt with the real-life mystery of strange, Peruvian skulls carved out of crystal.

Titled “Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods,” sccript version of the script before it was taken down by legal eagles is either the Darabont version or the most authentic, beautifully written fake we’ve ever seen. Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion.


Impossibleand Spider-Man — was hired. Was first publicly revealed by WikiLeaks working with our source. The Action As you’d expect from any Indiana Jones script, action indiaa are abundant and relentless in City of the Gods.

Our submission system works hard to preserve your anonymity, but we recommend you also take some of your own precautions. Is the silly stuff still as silly? Inside they discover a circular room filled with 13 golden thrones, daarbont occupied by a headless, crystal skeleton.

Safely back in the United States, Indy and Marion tie the daraboont with all of their old friends in attendance. But the four biggest differences in this draft also double as the four best: Koepp turned in a screenplay titled Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worldsborrowing from a famous quote by J. Jones, but to a rival archaeologist turned communist spy. The red-staters would have a hemorrhage.

The meaning of it all. He convinces the President dqrabont Peru, Presidente Escalante, to go after the skull with the promise that nidiana lost city will give Escalante anything his heart desires. The pyramid begins to shake and crumble apart. After falling from the cloud, Indy shoots the skull, destroying the entire temple — again, denying any creature that much power. All that fortune and glory? Spielberg, who thought up the story concept for the fourth film, loved the script.