dCine Technical Manual Version Version History Version Date Updated By Purpose James Gardiner Initial Creation James. With sleek, elegant looks, reference grade audio quality and outstanding features the Datasat RS20i is the leading choice for any audio enthusiast. The Datasat. This product contains software proprietary to Datasat Digital Entertainment and protected This manual explains the RS20i Audio Processor setup and operation. Parameters. AP General identifier for Datasat audio processor product.

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It will start the dCine software after auto login.

It also defines the URL used to retrieve the jpeg still from the camera. The dCine takes advantage of this type of data in order to assist its automatic scheduling features e. This file is an easy to read, XML file.

Related Products for Datasat AP These cinema systems are usually controlled through an automation process that simulates buttons being pressed i. This will reduce any potential load on the network, which is especially important when monitoring the system over a WAN Wide area network ie a remote location.

For a typical digital cinema install, only one channel is used. If the AP20 is mounted in a rack and a breaker is used for the rack, make sure the breaker is ON. If the AP20 you want does not appear in the list, select Refresh List. This real time mixing process includes taking dstasat of SR encoding if found matrixed into a Stereo stream.

This value will have been made available through the InstaCal tool when the device was installed. In the example immediately above, we are monitoring for three different types of events. A scripting type language within the XML text of the Settings.


The system can run without a NTP server. Non-handshake type messaging is more likely to work with more devices and should require less maintenance.

Currently only one serial port can be monitored by the dCine, however you can send triggers out any available serial ports. Each position entry sets up an area that the WaterMark can appear in. Share This Page Tweet. Each octave is divided into three bands, and the gain or cut is adjusted. If more than one AP20 is found, the user must choose the target AP20 by selecting from the combo box as shown below in Figure 2. dxtasat

Datasat AP20 Manuals and User Guides, Sound Card Manuals —

It will look for the most likely interface and rename it. Make sure you are satisfied with the target response on each channel. Point of sale or ticketing systems typically make session data such as a Session Time Display or the Projection automation system data available to other systems the dCine.

For example, to revert back to a previous version, remove the newer package and leave the package ap0 the version you want in the v: First, it enables support engineers to change all the automation commands by modifying just that single variable. It also stops other services that viruses could use to infect the system. This command will connect you directly to dataszt socket.

Cinema floor connections and setup At this point, the technician may physically relocate to the floor of the datassat auditorium that is to be optimized. If a Key is required for content, this data source ap200 be contacted to see if it is available. May 1, at 9: Set the SPL levels according to the chart below. The driver should be installed by default on a dCine, however the driver installer can also be downloaded from the digitAll website. Example of a streamer configuration: Microphone placement — a discussion Also See for AP20 Installation and operating manual – pages Installation and operating manual – pages.


Then move the microphone six feet further along the same row and take another measurement. The dCine undertakes the automation function by connecting to the data source and creating Session Start events and Playlists that the data it has retrieved about scheduled sessions.

Datasat AP20 Installation And Operating Manual

One of the files is a configuration file that manages installation of the files. This makes it possible to integrate the use of DCI payback into a dCine solution transparently. This option allows support engineers to configure the ways in which the dCine dtaasat treat the audio in any media file.

A list of template files are available from digitAll for common audio processors. The active screen button is displayed in a different color from the others. Configuration options as set out in this manual are not always required.

It is also recommended to reduce the internal camera frame rate to fps.

Datasat AP20 User manual |

The Media and Operations log files can be turned off but typically should not be. Connect the measurement microphone to the USB Preamp using a standard microphone cable. If you open this file, it will remove manuzl registry setting that records the information about what is currently installed. E Rror M Essages This option will shrink the image and make sure the full image is viewable.

Defining a trigger messagePart of defining a trigger requires setting up how and what messages will be sent from the dCine.