BA datasheet, BA circuit, BA data sheet: ROHM – Fm Stereo Transmitter,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. Page 4. Page 5. This datasheet has been downloaded from: Datasheets for electronic components. Part, BA Category, Communication => Freq/Signal Converters/Generators. Description, FM Stereo Transmitter. Company, ROHM Electronics. Datasheet.

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Component choices As the input power is only half a watt, standard ceramic capacitors and trimmers were used in the input matching circuit. This is an attempt to reduce the mutual inductive coupling between the inductors, this tending to degrade the stopband attenuation.

A potential divider taps off the required voltage from a low voltage stabilised by a 5. Thanks to the use of two stages, the amplifier can be driven to full power with dataseet than 1 watt driving power, so that a large gain margin results in this transmitter. This datadheet doesn’t like to ocsillate, but this is always a possiblility. No spurious output were visible.

These are glued onto the ground plane with a cyanoacrylate type adhesive e. Using the specified heatsink will require the use of forced air cooling a fan. His special characteristics appear below: You could bias the nuts out of the FET, and bias it at, say 0. These are measured by the device manufacturer by tuning the device up for best performance at each test frequency in a generic test fixture.


Updates and Modifications I would change the design slightly if I were to build more of these amplifiers. If they had fallen between preferred values, the options would include paralleling two capacitors together, which unnecessarily ups the dahasheet count, or subtly tweaking the stopband frequency and passband ripple to get a more desirable set of values.

Now life gets slightly complicated.

This iron will be too over the top for the smaller components so a smaller iron will be required as well. You MUST use an antenna or 50 ohm dummy resistor while testing else you burn up the transistor.

No formal measurements were made with bad output VSWRs. A similar procedure was performed for the output network.

BA Datasheet(PDF) – Rohm

I did accidentally run the amplifier at full power into an open circuit for a few seconds, and it didn’t blow up. I am datasbeet the design itself gives some ideas to you as how to design VCOs. The vertical screen to the right of the enclosure is a piece of double sided PCB material, soldered to the top ground plane on both sides.

In my experience there is little to be gained from using silver plated copper wire. Now up the drive to the amplifier, backing off the current limit appropriately. Farnell Part Numbers are for guide only – other equivalent parts can be substituted.

(PDF) BA1404 Datasheet download

The transistor this is specifically drawn for operation in frequencies up to Mhz, with very good results. Make a very careful control for by any chance errors, omissions, short-circuits, chills you stick also anything other that could you make wonder why does not work the amplifier.


This constructional techniques results in excellent shielding, preventing RF radiation escaping from the amplifier. If all is well, switch off.

To do these kind of soldering jobs a 60W or greater soldering iron will be required – preferably a temperature datasheef one. This design is based on a new MOSFET device, with the b1404 advantages of high gain high efficiency ease of tuning Seeing as most of the designs on the web are over 10 years old, using a recently introduced datazheet should maximise the useful life of the design. Note the large-single impedances only provide information to enable an input and output matching network to be synthesised, they provide no information about the likely gain, efficiency, noise performance if relevant or stability of the resulting amplifier.

This ferrite pearls is to set the DC voltage to zero and be a high impedance for RF signals. Knowing the RF output power and gain accurately allowed me to calculate the input power to the power amplifier.

But range is significant watch those feds. In this simulation, the drain feed was included in the simulation.