El Decreto Ley No. del Congreso de la República, Ley Nacional para el. Desarrollo de la Cultura Física y del Deporte, en el último párrafo del artículo . Uploaded by. Juan Pablo Ronquillo · Ley Nacional de Cultura Fisica y Del Deporte (Decreto ). Uploaded by. Juan Pablo Ronquillo · Rocas. Uploaded by. Altera para 1 de janeiro de a entrada em vigor do Decreto-Lei n. . º 76/97, de 17 de abril, a centros de instalação temporária, para efeitos do disposto no.

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Reorganizes Medicare regulations that pertain to providers and suppliers of specialized services in order to facilitate the incorporation of future rules in a logical order. Various substantive and decretoo corrections to the rule which appeared in the Federal Register on 13 Dec.

Legislação na área da Imigração e Refugiados

Amendments to Title 38 of the United States Code to increase a the rates of compensation and b dependency and indemnity compensation for veterans and survivors; improve veterans’ health-care, education, employment and other programmes. Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of Public Law S.

In instances of mismanagement of a grant, permits direct payments to landlords for the shelter portion of the grant. The Regulations apply to United States nationals who employ at least 25 individuals in South Africa, or who own or control more than 50 percent of the outstanding voting securities of a foreign subsidiary or other entity that employs at least that number, or who controls in fact as further defined any other foreign entity employing that number.

This new standard reduces the permissible exposure limit to 0. Amends the Hazardous Materials Regulations in regard to requirements applicable to their transport. Deals with suspensions and removals of high-level employees of the federal government.

Any action to discipline an employee shall be taken in compliance with otherwise applicable procedures, including the Civil Service Reform Act. Issued by the Department of Labor in conjunction with the temporary employment of non-immigrant alien agricultural workers. Title IX, “Partnerships for Economic Development and Urban Community Service”, aims at encouraging the involvement of postsecondary educational institutions with units of government, labour unions, business, industry and community organisations in order to expand employment opportunities, inter alia.


Amends the Veteran’s Job Training Act 29 USC to improve services and programmes in relation to employment opportunities, counseling and job training for veterans. Final Regulations concerning special projects and demonstrations for providing transitional rehabilitation services to handicapped youth.

In particular, amends the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 45 USC in relation to, inter decreyo, licensing and certification of engineers and protection of employees against discrimination. Alters schedule for filing employers’ contribution reports and for payment of employers’ contributions.

Converts dwcreto temporary authority to allow Federal employees to work on a flexible or compressed schedule, under Title 5 of the U. Regulations on the special retirement system for such employees under civil service retirement law.

Health Services Amendments Act of Rules issued by the Social Security Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services regarding paying a wife’s or a husband’s benefits to the divorced spouse of an eligible worker who has not yet become entitled to his or her old-age benefit.

The rule also makes minor technical and editorial changes to clarify rules and eliminate duplication without substantive change.

Concerns compensatory time off in lieu of overtime compensation, persons performing work for public agencies, and discrimination against persons asserting rights under section 7 of the Fair Labour Standards Act of Governs performance appraisal and award systems for various categories of Federal employees, with the aim of insuring consistency in treatment for all.

It also includes general and administrative provisions e. Amends the Education of the Handicapped Act to provide, inter alia, that it does not limit the rights, procedures and remedies available under the Constitution, Title V of the Rehabilitation Act of or other federal statutes protecting the rights of handicapped children and youth. Covers, inter alia, promotions and incentive awards. Corrections to the rule on employee protection at hazardous waste operations and in emergency response situations, published in vol.


Education of the Deaf Act of Extends various programmes, including those involving research into deafness, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, health professions and nursing education and care for the homeless. Code, into permanent authority, by repealing section 5 of the Act.

Higher Education Amendments of Not all provisions are included. Amends the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act ofin particular by inserting new sections regarding co-operative research and development agreements, the establishment of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, and employee activities with respect to inventions.

Bem-vindo à página oficial da Assembleia da República

Sets forth procedures for submitting bills for medical services provided to Federal employees under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, and establishes limits for fees for medical procedures and services. Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of Contains basic pay rates for employees of the federal government; supersedes Executive Order No.

Decrfto Unidos – – Ley.

It also includes general and administrative provisions e. Sets minimum requirements for the control of fires, grain dust explosions and other safety hazards associated with grain handling facilities. Adds two new regulatory provisions which were necessitated by the Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of Public Law Deals with the licensing of officers on mobile offshore drilling units and the manning of these vessels.

Federal Employees Leave Sharing Act. Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Concerns various measures taken pursuant to the Social Security Amendments of and the Deficit Reduction Act of