C# and SQL Server Interview Questions by Shiv Prasad Koirala Paperback $ Only 16 left in CLR via C# (4th Edition) (Developer Reference). NET interview questions 6th edition (Sixth edition) – By Shivprasad Koirala. In this article . By Shiv Prasad Koirala | Aug 4th, |Category Views. Posted by Shivprasad Koirala at PM No comments: . Exact (): This will do a get latest of exact version not more or not less. com/Articles/ /Learn-ASP-NET-MVC-Step-by-Step-Part basics of how to start MVC. In this .NET interview questions 6th edition (Sixth edition) – By Shivprasad Koirala.

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C Out VS Ref. This article will compare four important architecture presentation patterns i. Azure FAQ Part 1. Show Post Cache Substitution.

In this article I will discuss 5 features of SQL Server and the rest will be followed in other parts. Almost each and every point is covered in this book.

This error comes because you have not specified the controller and action name. Validations using C “DataAnnotation” Posted: Koiralaa must prefer this book.

NET: Buy NET by Koirala Shiprasad at Low Price in India |

Not all topics are covered at good length but pretty useful. Articles Quick Answers Messages. In this article we will try to understand what regex is and how to remember those cryptic syntaxes easily. Part 3 — 10 security related FAQ Posted: Net Interview Question Part 3 Posted: This is a detailed article on C code reviews using StyleCop. Show Post Cache Substitution Posted: In part 1 we saw interiew How to generate test data?


CSRF Cross site request forgery is a method of attacking a website where the attacker imitates a. In this we will create our first Angular project and understand the various concepts like Components and modules.

Using function point to quote a software. Steps to use a logging utility in your projects using Application Blocks. In this article we will discuss about explicit interfaces, how they differ kkoirala implicit interface and why they should be avoided.

In part 1 we will see what we need to start MVCwe will learn the basics of creating controllermodels and view and then we would create a simple student ne entry screen and see how it works with the HTTP Post and submit. Layout pages are like master pages in ASP. Architecture FAQ for localization and globalization: Have doubts regarding this product?

Articles by Shivprasad koirala Articles: We want to just beat the human eye capability of FPS and give an illusion of parallelism without stressing our computer resources.

Six common uses of the Template Design Pattern: Putting code in the controller and view. Now when we add a controller, do not delete the word controller from the file name. Some of these are.

Safe and Secure Payments. When we work with big projects we will have lot of code files and we would shivprasd to only compile those code files which have changed.


This is a good book for final round of brush up and quick heads-up on some of the key topics.

NET authentication and authorization. A common folder is also needed where in you can push your common utilities like common pipes, filters, http components, injectables and so on. This article will talk about three ways of binding object properties with Silverlight user interfaces.

Humans are lazy and programmers are humans J. Design pattern — Inversion of control and Dependency injection Posted: State Machine Workflow Discussion Posted: Learn Angular Tutorial Posted: This is Lab 6 of Step by step Angular series.

Actual parallelism means you execute multiple task on multiple cores parallely. State Machine Workflow Discussion. So in this Angular tutorial we will unleash the importance of this lock file.

.NET Interview questions

Educational and Professional Books. Stack, heap, value types, reference types, boxing, and unboxing Posted: The next point which makes them different is when do type checks happen. Once the binding code is completed attach the sbivprasad with the object and execute to see the results. In this discussion we will restrict only to client side angular folder structure.