View and Download Pioneer DVL – DVD Player / LD service manual online. DVD LD PLAYER. DVL – DVD Player / LD DVD Player pdf manual. DVL 1. SAFETY INFORMATION. This service manual is intended for qualified service technicians ; it is not meant for the casual do-it- yourselfer. Qualified. We’ve combined two great video formats into one machine. The DVL plays your collection of DVD’s AND LaserDiscs, with high-end DA converters, video.

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To my amazement it looked terrific. If you have an old machine that’s creaking at the edges, this Pioneer is clearly for you. Why doesn’t it play both sides of a DVD?

Otherwise, a tad bulky and expensive. In practice this feature will be rarely used, given the paucity of MPEG multi-channel titles.

With the saver ‘on’, after five minutes a fading bar of colour scans the screen. The frequency response is also largely the same. Yet there’s something missing.

With HQ engaged the spectrum analyzer displayed a wholly unsharp On this player, with this disc, you hear just how true-to-life THX stereo surround can be.

Many manuql are identical – the jitter on both decks is an acceptable seven nanoseconds peak-to-peak and the PM phase modulated chroma noise is only 1dB different – Also there’s the issue about this player handling R2 discs.

Chapter 7, the Hidden Document, brings lifelike surround. Finished in satin gold, it looks visually similar to its predecessor, carrying the similar bulk – w x h x d mm – and weight – 9. Front panel controls are minimal. For many quality-conscious viewers, it soon became the prime carrier for movies, thanks to Pioneer’s undying efforts to dvl-9119 NTSC-compatible players in Britain, plus the availability of US titles – albeit ‘under the counter’ or via mail order.


But as with all DVD decks, its the ‘buried’ features that are more important. DVDs seem less susceptible. And if you’ve been playing the B side of an LD then want to play a DVD, you can wait even longer before a picture appears on screen. Yet ranged against other DVD decks dvl-9919 a tad too expensive and bulky.

As John Goodman taps his way along the walls listening for the concealed safe, you hear the reverberations behind you. This movie is also good for detail – you pick out every scale on the dragon’s hide. However, this function has the disadvantage of switching off the OSDs onscreen displays.

Pioneer DVL-919 – DVD Player / LD Service Manual

Yet there’s a limit to such development. Finally, there are some embellishments that we might reasonably expect on this machine, given that it’s a third-generation DVD player and a second-generation combi device. A dimmer button reduces the intensity of the display and there’s also a blue disc illuminator LED. Or convenience and Dvl9-19 compatibility? In which case the DVL manula a difficult read pricey!

New video circuits improve performance compared with the earlier DVL The latest of this genre is the?


In summary, the DVL is not a bad performer. Although S-video does deliver great images and is more useful for linking via AV amplifiers it’s a pity that this player doesn’t deliver better quality signal output.

Throughout the land, church bells are tolling as the format slips next to Betamax and the Sinclair C5 in the ‘yesteryear’s curiosity’ display at the Science Museum. This also allows it to play CD-recordable and CD-rewriteable discs faultlessly.

Where the new DVL fails is chroma crosstalk. It was worse than a worn VHS print. Sonically, however, this player does an excellent job, especially in DTS mode. In the lab I mahual some tests.


In some instances this remote was also supplied with players originating in HK. More like Jurassic Murk!

The DVL is Pioneer’s second generation combi. Thus set, the operations indicators are always visible. Second coming of the combi creation If you have a laser disc collection and are thinking of upgrading to DVD, stop and think.

This expands dynamic range up to an audible level, smoothening waveforms to restore fidelity to the original sound, in all of its naturalism and subtlety. A must if you’re upgrading an old LD deck.