Just a quick update after finishing 12 of my planned 25 EarthTainers. Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II WaterMizer Edition. Here is the link: pdf Raybo Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II. Here is a link that might be useful: Rev EarthTainer Construction Guide .. The EarthTainer II improved design now uses a shorter Aeration.

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The New EarthTainer III “Convertible” Guide Now Available – Page 2 – Tomatoville┬« Gardening Forums

Find More Posts by sprtsguy Las Vegas, NV Posts: My experience as a tech writer tells me this. I’m thinking about ordering more, just in case I decide to build more than I’ve already ordered.

Find More Posts by chalstonsc. Mark All Forums Read. Page 1 of HI Raybo, Thanks once again for all your hard work in putting together this new ‘tainer version.

I see a lot of posts about the use of Earth Tainers for tomato plants, but can they be used for other vegetables as well? All times are GMT Then I fill the 5″ diameter wicking basket with potting mix and compress it down so it is thoroughly wet. This is solely to minimize the amount of material from being carried off by the water.

I’ve never been able to keep up with ginger’s watering needs in the past. The more often you fertilize the more often you might want to flush. Originally Posted by troad. Zucchini are very prolific plants and one plant should produce enough to feed my whole family.


The dual-wall should keep the plant’s roots in a more moderate temperature range, earthtaine the air “vents” down the sidewalls will bring better air circulation into the Aeration Bench. Most important has been the adaption of a commonly available Pea Fence, which has the proper aspect ratio for the 31 gallon EarthTainer.

While explaining the mounding over the wicking basket is a good idea, I think people who miss that will probably get away with it, simply because any landscape fabric that will absorb water will also stretch when pressure is applied to it while it is wet.

If I had never seen the instructions for your first versions, I might assume no cutout over the wicking basket. On a side, did you hear about the northern arctic storm coming later this week?

San Antonio, Texas Posts: Originally Posted by chalstonsc.

When you put the landscape fabric into the earthtainet, do you cover the hole made for the wicking basket so that there is soil to fabric to soil contact, or do you do a cut out of the landscaping fabric over the new 5″ wicking basket??? I hope the eggplants enjoy the extra room.

It appears to be the one you recommend in the guide, but already containing Mycorize. I think it all depends on the fertilizing schedule. Welcome to my blog.


Suburban Vegetable Gardner

I also wish I were half as diligent as you when it comes to proofreading my writing! Find More Posts by oc tony. Santa Clara CA Posts: I love these self watering containers. Call around to some Hydroponics Shops as they most likely carry Pro-Mix.

Instructions to mound up mix in the basket before adding the landscape fabric should eliminate possible problems with setting the whole thing up dry before adding water via the exrthtainer which is the way most gardeners transplant and repot: I never would have believed it – – but here is proof positive of a Purple Haze planted in early August, and is now doing well into November in its EarthTainer II design: There is no way for pressure above the fabric to compress the container mix in the basket without earthtianer the fabric down into it too.

Last edited by sprtsguy76; February 22, at I will be building several “tub” types for next year.

After a good run with the EarthTainer II Guide, I have made numerous improvements to the earthtianer, simplifying the construction process, and reducing scrap down to a 1 inch piece: The Clearex is exactly what I used last year. Find More Posts by mdvpc.