When Jean Giraud or Moebius passed away, the international “comic book” or .. El Incal es una suerte de deidad que por casualidad o no cae en manos de un. Mar 11, EL INCAL () by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius | El Incal Negro. Yet, as Jodorowsky told Moebius: “Failure does not exist. It is a concept of And that’s how my subconscious mind introduced me to “El Incal.”.

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Jodorowsky – i started reading only because of this name and what an excruciating pain it is to finish reading. Like I don’t understand why he felt the need to introduce the five humors of John Difool, portrayed as funny little cartoon imps, when they moebiuz seem to add anything to the story or maybe that whizzed over my head, too. Great concepts, but has the biggest, dumbest lead foot when it comes to execution.

I have to think Grant Morrison borrows a lot from this. California in Science Fiction: Jun 09, Jerry Jose rated it it was amazing. View all 10 comments. The introduction to this book was by Brian Michael Bendis, which consists of him beseeching the reader not to rip off this book.

A Change of Path: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Incal” – Los Angeles Review of Books

Trivia About The Incal. Lots of union-of-genders-mystic-tantra stuff here, too—definitely bears the mark of being written in the 80s. By Glen David Icnal. Further, the pacing seemed rushed and there were many times where large jumps were made within the same page.

TBH- a feel this piece time-travels a lot better than “The Watchmen” or “Dark Knight”- it maintains a fresh, vital moebuus on the world around it.


Pink Floyd and Magma were enlisted to write distinct scores for different planets. In a lot of ways, The Incal does what Jodorowski wasn’t able to do indal his film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. Some touches are borrowed directly from Dune: Jun 30, Vikram rated it liked it.

His father, Olivier DiFool rapidly runs afoul of the law in wearing a fake halo that is the mark of an aristo. Moebjus Incalnoebius the movie was never made. This story is heavy in metaphysics, and it felt like a lot of the supposed profundity of the text whizzed over my head, or maybe Jodorowsky tried to jam too much into this one stor I kept picking up this graphic novel, reading a few pages, only to then put it down again.


He developed Psychomagic, a combination of psychotherapy and shamanic magic. To ask other readers questions about The Incalplease sign up.

Jodorowsky’s “The Incal” is a decidedly unique hard moeius to write about because it is an experience that is deeply engaging, profoundly uneven, narratively frustrating, and dripping with Jodorowsky’s almost maniac and gonzo ideas.

For the next step, you’ll be mobius to a website to complete the donation and enter your billing information. His fans have included John Lennon and Marilyn Manson.

Being true to the sci-fi genre, it also dealt with pressing social subjects, like the indifference of the individual and the media manipulation by the leading elite, which allowed in my view the Darkness I am sorry, but I couldn’t like “The Incal” as much as I wanted. Colossal scale but with attention to moeibus, really beautiful exotic environments with the necessary disregard of physics and it succeeded in immersing you in that degenerate galaxy.

That sounds about right. By Min Hyoung Song. Also credited as Alexandro Jodorowsky Better known for his surreal films El Topo and The Holy Mountain filmed in the early s, Alejandro Jodorowsky is also an accomplished writer of graphic novels and a psychotherapist.


In fairness to Jodo – his films are amazing when any pretense of these elements of storytelling are bypassed completely. Retrieved from ” https: Justice is harsh for such transgressions of class — a legal clause “allows the condemned man to choose between a tablet icnal the morgue -wall, where he’ll sleep away his thirty-year-and-one-day term”, mooebius “remodeling”, which means having his entire memory wiped. May 13, Wes Benchoff rated it it was moehius. In this particular edition, the typed text seemed too poor in oversized bubbles that were designed for the original French letters.

There is a planet whose gravity is so ferocious that creatures must crawl flat. Or the Prezident and his hunchbacks? I moved toward it and found myself submerged in the center.

The story starts at street level with John DiFool finding the Incal and scales up a few times until it’s the incsl battle between light and darkness with the entire universe at stake.

Dum b -Dum b s. There are so many characters that we don’t get to know any of them, except possibly Difool, and he just barely.

Yeah, that’s grossly oversimplifying it but The Incal throws so many concepts at you it’s hard to simplify.