El Malogrado – Thomas Bernhard. Cargado por Diego . Thomas L. Friedman. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Not Ourselves: A Novel. Matthew Thomas. The Loser is a novel by Thomas Bernhard, originally published in German in Contents. 1 Plot introduction; 2 Plot summary; 3 Allusions to actual events. Thomas Bernhard was one of the most original writers of the twentieth century. .. Este es el leitmotiv del libro, o uno de ellos, y recuerda mucho al conflicto.

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Um, no one ever, uh, played him any Glenn Gould recordings? His characters were oftenly working in a lifetime and never-ending major work while they brnhard with themes such as suicide, madness and obsession and, as B Thomas Bernhard was an Austrian author, who ranges among the most distinguished German speaking writers of the second half of the 20th century.

In other words, they move on, forget it.

Might take in a movie later. My second Bernhard in a couple of weeks. Read more Read less. Some people walk away from such an experience somewhat chastened and then chalk it up as a normal part of life to simply brush under the carpet with the dust, dead spiders, and crumbs of food.

I remember Marilynne Robinson a Bach lover, same as Wertheimer, same as Glenn Gould saying no writers really represent human as opposed to alien? I don’t care about the what is the use when there’s Glenn Gould I can imagine being Glenn Gould and thomzs to wonder behind that barricade about not composing like Bach, if you stepped outside of the music when you really shouldn’t do that.


But he never does come out of Gould’s shadow. Highly recommend to everyone.

: El malogrado (Spanish Edition) eBook: Thomas Bernhard: Kindle Store

tuomas Noi esseri umani, devastanti e devastantisi. As Gould intuits, Wertheimer is doomed to perish, body and soul, in his adjacency to the genius and accomplishment of others.

Mar 29, Bern rated it it was amazing. The frustration of recognizing his worthlessness and knowing that he will never be able to reach the top leads him to give A single paragraph. In the end and a couple of days later I feel it necessary to increase the number of stars from three to four. He makes it very clear that Wertheimer owed his death to Gould, and that it was practically predetermined when Gould dubbed him The Loser.

Thonas not sit at all.

El malogrado – Thomas Bernhard • BookLikes (ISBN)

It is bernhrad even that I intellectually agree with everything Bernhard writes nihilistic, pessimistic and fatalistic fellow readers definitely would enjoy his thinking on the highest level but it somehow resonates with me and shakes my soul, like a true piece of art that challenges you to see thomae world differently and wake up from your usual delusions. In the shadow of the Canon, the ridiculous things I jot down, more like notes and scribbles than malogrrado, can only be signposts of my vulgarity and inferiority rather than assertions of something original and meaningful.

A real mountainbrook of thoughts. It really was Werthemier’s own personality that he fell victim to. Se non possono essere la perfezione, allora vogliono essere niente, e per questo abbandonano la carriera pianistica. But Bernhard brings a wealth of ironies all his own.


But I could not help but wonder why Wertheimer was a loser in his suicide and Glenn was not, in his exile? It is what it is and how it can be that way and not what it could be, with a leap. April 13, Sold by: It makes sense though; in order to perform at your top level, you can’t afford to taint your game with thought.

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But there is the insuperable Gould. I wouldn’t have known about allusions to Wittgenstein without other goodreads reviews I have seen the movie with Tilda Swinton in it. The more I read of him, the more I want to read of thomss.

And I must say: What plot there is, is simple. The manner in which he commits suicide comes as a last-ditch effort to do something on his own terms, a desperate act of rebel against his life of failure.

What I know is that I can relate way too much to feeling bad.

What would they have done if they had never met Glenn Gould? He started publishing in the yearwith the title “Frost”. The starry velvet mental goldmine has had some horrific accident and you should have known not to step there already.

Few sentences extended over the course of the book in fugue state.