Ariel, a tough-talking unicorn, and her best friend, Peter Garey, reunite in this sporadically charming sequel to ‘s Ariel. Their colorful. In Elegy Beach you feel every minute of those years. This is a story as somber as it is often thrilling. It comes weighted with the disillusionment of a life lived with. The last thing in this world I wanted to see was another damned unicorn. They were the big deal for schoolgirls in Del Mar this year. Gaggles of.

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Twenty-seven years ago, technology died. I understand it’s a first-person account from a 17 year old, but some of the dialogue was just so horrible! Steven Boyett has a gift of creating a world that pulls you in and keeps your imagination running wild the entire time.

Life has a way of doing that to people. Pete Garey — now in his early forties, not so much embittered by his life’s losses as resigned to them, and the father of an alienated son on the cusp of adulthood and its onrushing hard lessons himself — must undertake a journey. Its premise is that one day everything just Changes: Jul 05, Andre’ Jeanpierre rated it it was amazing.

In a small community on the California coast are Fred Garey and his friend Yan, both born after the Change. It is almost uncomfortably intimate, especially if you include the prefaces and afterwords which I recommend you do. And perhaps maybe self-preservation in the event he succeeded and the old laws of nature returned.

Ariel got five, but then it’s one of my all time favs. Well, maybe in Philip K. May 30, Amanda rated it liked it.

Elegy Beach

Others have remarked that in many ways “Ariel” reads like a Young Adult book and that makes sense. However, having some of these things show up in “Elegy Beach” felt jarring, and without reason – Mr. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.


A publishing event twenty-five years in the making: About Elegy Beach Twenty-seven years ago, technology died. The laws humanity had always known were replaced by new laws that could only be called magic. I cried so many tears in the last 50 or so pages of this book, its amazing I didn’t pass out from dehydration.

Also accompanying Pete and Fred and their old family friend is Yan’s own father, who knows all about his son’s crimes, and yet, as his father, simply cannot sit back while the misguided young man boyetr just hunted down and summarily assassinated. Stay in Touch Sign up.

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The story was good, but about pages too long. Refresh and try again. A publishing event twenty-five years in the making: Boyett was going next. Would I boeytt to restart the industrial revolution in favor of the magical one that was now shaping the earth from coast to coast?

This was still vague, but in a more thoughtful, thought out approach. But that’s just the problem–I don’t buy that a half-educated teenager would write with such grandiose verbiage or poetic style.

SF : Elegy Beach / Steven R. Boyett ☆☆☆½

I had a hard time deciding if the events had happened to me I think readers understand that novels about the loss of technology written thirty years apart are going to have inevitable disparities. But Yan’s ego starts to run away with him, and when Fred’s old teacher doles out a little humiliation at the town swap meet, Yan loses it and burns down the old man’s shop, leading to the inevitable broken friendship. Will they ever see each other again? That is, the story couldn’t happen without the bizarre contrafactual elements, but Boyett delivers an amazing amount of verisimilitude, and thinks in detail about the non-obvious consequences of the contrafactuals.


There are some great moments in this book that when you reach them it’s like a old friend stopping in for a chat over tea.

Looking for More Great Reads? Perhaps they were supposed to be ambiguous because our narrator is not fully matured yet or whatever, but it was weird.

It made me laugh, it made me cry, it even made me appreciate some of his attempts to fill the world-building holes he dug in his debut novel. You think we aren’t acting out a tragedy?

This author somehow successfully manages it. Of Sorrow and Such.

Elegy Beach by Steven R. Boyett | : Books

In fact Ariel was written before that series so you have to wonder if Mr. In Elegy Beachthe journey marks an ending for Pete and a beginning for Fred, his son, whom Pete named after his samurai sword, an honor Fred will require the novel’s full length to understand. I’m so glad I had read Ariel first about a year ago.

Dec 02, Wayne Baxter rated it liked it. In some backstory several chapters in, we learn how his life has progressed in the last quarter century, and it hasn’t been easy. As well as the usual wandering bandits, riffraff, and crazies of course. Pre-Changers, the people who remember the world as we know it, are struggling with the next generation, trying to inspire in them the pioneering spirit that so characterizes the human race.

November 3, Imprint: