Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief. Erin Kissane is a content strategist and editor based in New York City and Portland, Oregon. She currently leads projects for content strategy. A note from the editors: We are delighted to present an excerpt of The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane (A Book Apart, ).

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An Amalgamate Profession Interestingly, Kissane tsrategy down the job of the content strategist into 4 separate professions: Sadly, this is absent, at least in any real way from this book as well. Hence the 4 stars. This short book is a good overview of content strategy. A Book Apart 3.

Trivia About The Elements of C But it does make sense kkissane distinguish between content creation and the planning around the content the meta-content content? This book is painfully dry. What about liberal arts majors in particular? Some areas like ongoing content assessment is all but completely skimmed over.

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I’ve g This is a must-read for anyone who works in, on, or around the web. While I did find this book to be interesting and helpful as regards my own content-based client work, large parts of it feel a lot more like a career guide to content strategy.

Good content is appropriate, useful, user-centered, clear, consistent, concise, and supported. Other th While I did find this book to be interesting and helpful as regards my own content-based client work, large parts of it feel a srategy more like a career guide to content strategy. This makes me wonder whether the role simply hasn’t caught on yet over here. Nov 13, Erin Simoni rated it it was amazing.


Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

Erin Kissane’s book, as a primer on content strategy, will provide you with a short history of the field, the kinds of skillsets that are adjacent to Content Strategy, the kinds of work that Content Strategists do, and the kinds of pitfalls to look out for as a Content Strategist.

In about 75 pages, she lays out the principles of content strategy, traces its origins, and then outlines her methodology for doing content strategy. It may sound obvious, but it’s something one misses quite too often. This is hands down, the best book I’ve read on defining what content strategy is and isn’t and the deliverables you will and won’t get by hiring a content strategist.

If you’re in the arena or want to get a better understanding of those who operate in it, give this a read. One emphasis Kissane makes is that content strategists do not develop the content. Jun 02, pri rated it really liked it Shelves: If you are involved on the marketing and web side of things, and have no interest in expanding into other content realms,this is certainly for you.

It really takes a long time to produce content.


It’s probably because I don’t work in this area but I think that touches on what’s wrong with the book; this book doesn’t know whether it’s a guide to content strategy or it’s an overview to those who may want to employ or work with a content confent. This book is approachable, but short examination about how to get started srategy content strategy.

First chapter is excellent. It’s just not good enough to, at times, let content be an after-thought. But a curator, in truth, balances strtaegy job of an administrator and an artist. However, the book is well written and structured, it’s short, and keeps itself focused on its subject while providing different points of view.

Doing an inventory or in case of massive sites, audit of the webpages, including Page Title, URL, Date published, Date updated, content type, content owner, is critical to understanding what the scope of the project is. I always have trouble with these sorts of books.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Writers, copywriters, digital media professionals. An emerging field in a marketplace still suffering growing pangs, the stdategy needs more content strategists. Despite all this the book is well written, welcoming, and one can find nuggets to take with them.