Strings By Mail Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 1 – The Leo Brouwer Etudes have become a standard part of the classical guitarist’s . Strings By Mail Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 4 – The Leo Brouwer Etudes have become a standard part of the classical guitarist’s . Estudio 6 ~~~~~~~~~ By: Leo Brouwer () Transcribed from: “Portrait” by Kavi Transcribed and tabbed by: John Kean Standard tuning. 6/4 time, changing to.

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I began playing them about one year ago, and I’m planning to start on 6 to 10 real soon now.

The notion of “Easy” or “Simple” studies is one that goes back to the classical period, when composers fo the guitar and other instruments would publish pieces with this kind of descriptor in the title.

I recently estudioos playing this study again, having not played it for many years. And these pieces don’t always estusios upon the “traditional” areas of technique of earlier guitar studies, such as right-hand patterns and left-hand scales and chords.

Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 4

My Youtube Channel is: A new student normally beigns with Carcassi Op60 or maybe some Sor studies, to review basic technique and sound production. Dodicin 94 1 6. I know they are mostly pedagogical compositions, meant to practice on hrouwer tecnique, but I never really played a piece like this – I’m still learning, for now I’m still using tabs and chords notations.

I found it particularly useful to practise bars as a “mini-exercise” as this seemed to be the first passage with a difficult left-hand chord change, and so making it difficult to play across the bar line fluently.


You are connected as Connect with: Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Reviews 0 Questions 0 write a review ask a question Updating Results Verified Reviewer What sencillso a Verified Reviewer A Verified Reviewer is a shopper who has confirmed an email address, or connected a social network with Yotpo, brouwef an added level of sencil,os and trust. You may find one of the “easy” ones very difficult for you or one of my “difficult” ones easy. You can’t take the meaning of this in an absolute way – it depends on your perspective.

Thank you, you explained thoroughly, I really appreciate the effort you put into the answer!

Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 1

Any other recording recommendations? Some of them I do visit frequently, some from time to time and some I know from hearsay only The Estudios Sencillos by Leo Brouwer: This is because pieces of this kind usually isolate a particular aspect of technique, allowing you to focus upon it. For instance, a guitar study may maintain a relatively constant right-hand picking pattern, allowing the player to focus upon this technique.

In particular, it is useful to “maximise” practice time, by paying particular attention to those chord changes which one finds most difficult, and repeating these correctly in order to learn them fluently. I can play all 10 of the first set after starting CG a year and a half or so ago.

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How do you pronounce Brouwer? He also recquires that every dynamic indication should be followed carefully.


Low prices Worldwide shipping Knowledgeable staff Satisfaction guarantee Fully secure https. For example, they also deal with: I’ll take you through a good approach to studying this piece; it should serve as a good process for other studies, too.

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For example, Number 1 was very easy to me, and I could play it more or less well during first sight-reading. Merely playing through estidios pieces will certainly improve technique, but extracting passages for further study, or devising small exercises based upon short passages, tailored to ones own technical needs and interests, will prove more fruitful.

TheMusicalEvents My homepage is: From the first to the last, they each focus upon an important aspect of classical guitar technique, while also always being satisfyingly musical compositions. Senciloos, this “maximises” practice time and effort, by applying most effort to passages of the music which are difficult, rather than always playing from beginning-to-end.

Leo Brouwer | Etudes Simples (Estudios Sencillos) Volume 1

Post as a guest Name. Other recording recommendations can be: He asked me to do some sort of rhythm swing to detach it from bass, in a way accompaniment becomes interesting and you don’t need just to play it in a quiet way.

Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. Then he goes to Brouwer studies. And, of course, this estudiks just the starting point; once one is able to play the whole piece easily, one can start to use the study to work upon other aspects of technique.