Have a look at the package europasscv. It is actively maintained. How to install fonts in LaTeX goes beyond the scope of this document: read The Font Installation Guide you can find on CTAN. The europecv class expects the. TeX code associated to the EuropeCV CTAN repository, europecv . contains the TeX and the cls files needed to create your CV in LaTeX.

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This is a great example of cases where the power of LaTeX comes to the front. Thanks to its strong typographical stance, LaTeX is definitely a document processor of choice to write a CV.

Of course you can design your own CV by hand. Otherwise, you may want to use a dedicated class for that task.

Index of /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/europecv

The important thing to mention is that a class or package not only defines the syntax of the form to be filled out, but also the layout.


While filling out a form is very easy, changing a layout that is supposed to be fixed, is extremely hard.

Best results will be achieved when doing a CV from scratch, using list environments and tabulars. The official package provides some well commented templates which may be a good start.

EuropeCV – Unofficial class for European curricula vitae

You can find those euroopecv in your distribution if documentation is installed along packages or ultimately on CTAN. We will not repeat the templates here, so we will only provide a crash course.

You should really have a look at the templates for more details. There is no need to use a complicated eurropecv with a given layout that is hard to change.

Index of /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/europecv

You can just as well use the simple article class to write up a CV. You are free to decide about the amount of information, the layout of the information and the order in which you want to show the info. You are the designer and not laatex to any syntax.


The example above has a simple centered header including name and personal information. The publications section is done completely by hand.

If you have many publications, you should consider using a bibliography management package, see Biblatex. Another small example that uses package biblatex. LaTeX with appropriate macros provide a comfortable way to manage it.

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