Along with the release of the expansion Empyrean Age in June the first EVE novel also saw the light of day, EVE: The Empyrean Age. The Empyrean Age marked the rise of the capsuleers as heavy hitters in interstellar politics, unfettered by factional or other political ties. When I picked up Tony Gonzeles’ first novel, EVE The Empyrean Age, I was honestly expecting another forgettable and ultimately meaningless.

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EVE Fiction

Set in an independent universe, The Tabit Genesis depicts, in a narrative shot through with action-oriented set pieces, a fight for survival by Homo sapiens on several colonized planets long after Earth itself has died. To me, it’s absolutely inappropriate to the EVE world.

It’s the stories of two individuals, instead of huge-scale stories about history being made in Empire space. I’ve been playing Eve Online for a while now.

Feb 26, John Ibarzabal rated it really liked it. Graelyn Tzedakah Aegis Militia Likes received: As for the book itself – very well written. The problem is I am almost out of content I will just have to just wait for new stuff or maybe try some other evee, but I can only seem to get into military sci-fi and most things involving space combat lol. Character Charicatures The characters are overstyled to underline the impression the reader should get about them.

Fight against the brutal genocide of fictional creatures across New Eden! Ev have no knowledge of the game “Eve”, and didn’t know it even existed gae reading a review after completing this book. Some assessments on the first 10 chapters, though we’re shallow at best.

This website uses cookies. I also think one needs to read up a bit on the world and its canon to really understand the whole story properly. Even if you know nothing of the EVE online game world this book is still an amazing space adventure full of excitement and intellectually stimulating.


I see no reason why a person with an injured leg can’t have strength in his arms, or good leg for that matter. If you read, be patient. But she have another entity that she i sharing her body with that sliped in during the neural burning process of her new clone.

I somehow think this may have been better as 3 books. I actually liked this, as it picks up an old PF plot of the succession trials. And this is alongside the literal rape, also throughout this text, seemingly serving no stylistic purpose.

Retrieved from ” http: A test of our convictions and the will to survive. Paperbackpages.

The empyrean age. (Novel) – EVE Fiction – EVE Online Forums

He has to bring up “the Elders”, mystical beings who are somehow larger than life, totally forgotten, and suddenly coming back. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Several of the characters have unfinished stories, the last chapter does not fit the scope of the book in any way, and throughout the book are inconsistencies of style and language.

Minmatar are tribals with quite cruel rituals and treatment of each other. The confluence of these dark events will lead humanity towards a tragic destiny. But instead of making a really nice story about the Empire having a strong controversy on Jamyl having done clear heresy, she whips out Doomsday Ex Machina, safes the Empire from the otherwise unstoppable Elder fleet with a single shot, and everyone loves her all dmpyrean a sudden.

The subplots and the characters never really come together fully, and the book ends in a semi empurean ended manner with no real resolution – however having said all that, the story really do bring to life the world of New Eden, and serves as a great introduction to the MMO.

The Gallente, the shining beacons of democracy, are cruel bastards of public games and mob control.


EVE: The Empyrean Age

It was also nice to get a bigger pictu I’ve been playing Eve Online for a while now. Anyone who likes space opera sci-fi, reading about new cultures, or an EVE player.

In fact, it sort of reminded me of the race from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Be warned however – if you are not familiar with the game, or indeed if you are not a player of the game, then perhaps you smpyrean not be able to fully appreciate the book.

Falick Grange had a memory loss when he woke up in his new clone, the data transfer when someone is podded isnt perfect happens to another ae in the book as well but not as severe. This would make sense if the physical structure of the brain is important to empydean one’s personality when cloned, or if you need “your” nervous system not the “host’s” nervous system in order to control the new body’s internal organs.

But the sheer number of characters and the various names of each race made it a confusing read. The Amarr are portrayed as cartoon villains.

I stopped reading the book as an EVE book after a few dozen pages, and read it as a sci fi book. Some other parts, eh not so much. The style is actually not that impressive for a book. Mixed in with the political machinations is a religious over tone and abe. Maybe that makes my review invalid.

The Empyrean Age is a decent book. And on a back-water world during an economic crisis a worker called Tibus Heth leads a revolt against the corporation which earns him an unexpected and mysterious ally with astounding influence and an inclination epyrean aid his revolutionary ideas