Fakhruddin Iraqi has 30 ratings and 4 reviews. Ivan said: Iraqi bridged several Sufi traditions and traveled through much of the Muslim world. Born in Ir. The following collage has been rendered from Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi: Divine Flashes, translated by W. Chittick and P. Wilson, The poetry that follows is like an. Contents. 1 Quotes. Lama’at (Divine Flashes); Fakhruddin Iraqi: Divine Flashes (). 2 External links. Quotes[edit]. Since we have quaffed the beaker .

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But the ultimate authority of the Koran and Hadith is never forgotten. With- out the isthmus the Spirits in their pure luminosity and subtlety would be completely cut off from the Corporeal-Bodies in their un- mixed darkness and grossness.

But usually by “lover” is meant man the creature, or, in other words, man as God’s Self-Manifestation still flzshes from himself and before he has realized his potential per- fection. For just this reason, he is potentially a Perfect Man. So in order for the Names and Attributes of God to be anything more than the potentialities of manifestation in- herent within Being, in order for each perfection to be viewed in it- self as an independent reality, in order for the Hidden Treasure to be displayed, divune must be manifested.

The Triads Gregory Saint Palamas.

Description The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality flawhes attempted! Celtic Spirituality Professor Oliver Davies.

To fakhruddi what we have already said, we should recall that a dis- tinction must be made between God as such — the Essence, Nonenti- fied Being — and God as He reveals Himself to us through His Names and Attributes.

But the fact that ‘Iraqi follows Qunawi’s teachings means that his use of the word Love is not just a question of terminology. Then, when He gained a Flasues of Himself in something else — because of the actualization of a kind of distance and differentiation. The texts are first-rate, and the introductions are informative and reliable. The books will be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of every literate religious persons”. In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of the Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Fakhruddim, Islamic and Native American traditions have been critically selected, translated and introduced by internationally recognized scholars and spiritual leaders.


Of course one may still want to maintain that ‘Iraqi is speaking basically of a “mystical” concept of love.

Divine Flashes

Practically all of Islamic philosophy— especially the later schools- devotes a good deal of attention to the question of the distinction between be- ing or existence and quiddity. Ernesto rated it it was ok Jun 06, Here we can only hope to summa- rize his teachings in the barest outline.

Other books in this series. In Qunawi’s words, “Although the onto- logical levels are numerous, they are reducible to the Unseen, the Vis- ible, and the reality which comprehends these two. Khosro Raul Soleimani rated it it was amazing Jan 30, The First Entification 2. Trivia About Fakhruddin Iraqi Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?

It has no description or delimitation. Moreover, this “other” possesses a certain reality of its own, which includes knowledge and vision. Most Sufis were careful to warn their followers against anyone who ever said or did anything that contradicted the fundamental teachings of the Islamic revelation, even if he should claim divine in- spiration and produce “miracles” in support of his claim.

The World of the Spirits 3. But viewed in itself, it can be considered as possessing a certain difference from Being as such. To grasp the nature of Being Itself is to grasp the nature of all that exists. Ladder of Divine Ascent St. But ultimately, since Being is nonentified, there is no limit to the entifications it can assume. At the same time, almost everything he says about Love-not to speak of Love qua Being-is derived from the teachings of his master, Qunawi. This disparity in the levels of men is a branch of the disparity that occurred at the primordial ground, when the reality of Love became related to the world and its inhabitants i.

In discussing God’s Oneness, the various schools of Islamic thought employ a variety of terms to refer to the Ultimate and Unique Reality. Yasir Abbas rated it it was amazing Oct 18, But the Sufis added a third source of knowledge to the above two: For political reasons, he escaped to Turkey.


Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi Divine flashes : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

But the color, the enti- ty, that which is manifested, is nothing but Light Itself. From al-Qunawi to al-Qaysari,” Studia Islamica, forthcoming.

God’s “imperfection” is only our own mental construct based on the suppo- sition that His Names might not have loci of manifestation within which to display themselves. Qunawi, Tabsirat al-mubtadi wa tadhkirat al-muntahi, part I, 1; trans- lated in Ascendant Stars. This knowledge is referred to as “unveiling.

It reveals Itself— becomes entified— only in keeping with Its own nature, a nature that possesses certain con- comitants and properties that are reflected in all things.

So God’s Names would not be displayed if there were no cre- ation. In fact, since Being is One, and since it is the only true Reality, the entities as entities have no positive reality. But even in Qunawi’s teachings these two points of view can be combined into one, for if Love in one respect is an Attribute of God, in another respect it is identical with His very Essence.

But as long as man does not travel on the Path of spiritual realization, as long as he does not actualize all the potential perfections inherent within himself, he will not be able to fulfill the role for which he was created. For before the manifestation of God’s Name-derived Perfectionexcessive proximity and selfsameness veiled Him from that i.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This is true enough, provid- ed one remembers the close relationship between the words “mysti- cism” and “mystery.