This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. Ask the Dust [John Fante] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ask the Dust is a virtuoso performance by an influential master of the. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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How Ask the Dust nearly missed greatness

Arturo gets advice, encouragement, and an occasional check from H. World War II, bah! Credo di aver letto questo libro nel momento giusto per me. Hellfrick, an always-broke neighbor with an insatiable appetite for meat; Vera Rivken, the pitiful married woman whom Bandini follows to Long Beach Pike, and who may or may not have survived the earthquake; and Camilla Lopez, the unattainable Mexican waitress at the Columbia Buffet on Spring Street.

They’re both assholes too. I sat before it, overwhelmed with grief for Arturo Bandini. Show 25 25 50 All.

But until the last couple pages, when Arturo walks out into the desert alone I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, dusr worrythe gritty, compelling monologue becomes a cardboard addict story. Learn how your comment data is processed. Scared of high places, too, and of blood, and of earthquakes; otherwise, quite fange, excepting death, except the fear I’ll scream in a crowd, except the fear of appendicitis, except the fear of heart trouble.

You must, absolutely must read Ask the Dust. I smelled it, touched it with my fingers, walked through it with my feet. This book was beautifully depressing. A hazy Japanese fruit seller with blunted edges of charity, waiting on him in unreality. She gave him nothing, no nothing did she give him and yet he thanked her. But I would strike at it, hammer it out across die keyboard, and it would die on my hands.


In addition to critical praise, the book has also found popular success, appearing on bestseller lists in both the US and Europe. Maybe he wanted to remember her where he liked himself, wild beach hair blowing ancient temptress.

Ask the Dust

Camilla the poor waitress in the center of his virgin’s fixation. One of the novel’s fans was Robert Towne, the Academy Award winning screenwriter of Chinatown who called Ask the Dust the greatest novel ever written about Los Angeles. Confidential –were able to do with an army of visual artists.

I wanted to hold his hand blind leading the blindfolded. Fifteen and fifty cents loaned to a man who was so not good for it. His first novel, Wait Until Spring, was well received; his short stories were appearing in prominent publications such as the American Mercury, and he had a long-distance mentor in HL Mencken, at that time one of America’s most influential men of letters.

However, it was Pleasants’s friend, the now famous poet and novelist Charles Bukowski, who played the most important role in bringing Fante and his great novel back into public view. Hackmuth, a God of magazine publishers, gazes benevolently on the castawayed writer.

Rereading the book, I found that the prose still possesses the same restless, ecstatic quality I remembered. View all 16 comments.

Not about a dog, what stunning prose. John Fante knows how to tell his tale right and he writes both very convincingly and captivatingly. I also like Antonio Bandini’s general insanity. Fante’s use of Bandini as his alter ego can be compared to Charles Bukowski’s character, Henry Chinaski. It’s easy shit to tear through. Notice my jaw, folks. Jun 26, Sinem A. Not the other thhe. Edit Details Official Sites: InBlack Sparrow Press brought Ask the Dust back into print, and the year-old author at last achieved some measure of the recognition that was his due.


I fhe especially drawn to authors who chronicled and romanticized the writing life through thinly veiled alter egos. I just wish the excellent Ask the Dust hadn’t faltered near the finish line.

John Fante: Ask The Dust | shigekuni.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Vi auguro di leggerlo nel momento giusto per voi. Il possesso della donna yhe vita — Camilla. Not in my experience anyway. I’ve also considered that Bandini is Fante, a juvenile, but often dead-on assumption among writers who only write a few books all about writers.

He lived and worked in W Fante’s early years were spent in fane poverty.

Ask the Dust – Wikipedia

No one in the hotel seems to care, too busy eroding by sun, hunger or dust. He was proclaimed by Time Out magazine as one of America’s “criminally neglected writers.

Fante writes from his wounds, his fiction hewing closely to the facts of his own life.