According to Faridabad Master Plan , HUDA will develop residential facilities in few areas, urbanisation will reach to rural areas of. ( Votes). Master Plan for Faridabad | Greater Faridabad. Development Plan for Faridabad; Water Supply for Faridabad; Sewerage System for Faridabad . Download Faridabad Master Plan Map and government notification. Also check out summary of master development plan of faridabad Save time!.

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A total area of hectares has been proposed for public utility purposes. The density for the proposed residential sectors has been kept as persons per hectare to accommodate the projected population.

In faridabad master planan area of hectares has been kept msater this use.

Under the plan, an area of 14, hectares has been proposed for residential purposes on the basis of the average residential density of persons per hectare PPH. Faridabad is home to one of the largest industrial estates of Asia, which houses a large number of manufacturing industries. Keeping in view the above, land use proposals have been formulated on the consideration that industrial activities and trade and commerce will continue to remain the major economic base of the town.

Faridabad Master Plan High Rise Societies To Dot Faridabad Skyline

To share your opinions and suggestions, please use the comments section at the end. A total area of hectares has been proposed for public utility purposes. Your information is safe with us. Two links with 75 metre width have been proposed to connect this expressway near sector and sector Faridabad enjoys a prime location both geographically and politically.

This Mastfr had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, beyond Gurgaon-Agra Canal in the East and upto the revenue estate of village Faricabad in the South. Also, some area which has already been acquired by HSIIDC, in the metre open space zone along eastern peripheral road of Final Development Plan Faridabad-Ballabgarh, has been earmarked as area under mixed land use for rehabilitation and re-settlement policy.


A lot of industrial activities have already come up in the controlled areas after obtaining the change of land use permissions from the competent authority.

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All the villages of the district are connected by metalled roads and have electricity since It is one of the largest agglomerations consisting of three towns, namely Faridabad Old, Ballabgarh and N. Similarly, the sites of sewage disposal have been proposed faridabac the area of east Agra Canal.

Three sectors bearing nos. Since, Faridabad is primarily an industrial agglomeration; an area of hectares has been proposed for industrial development in the present plan. In the new urbanizable area, suitable sites for KV and KV substations have been allocated for the development of required infrastructure for transmission and distribution of electricity in consonance with the faridaba of HVPNL.

Become a Smart Real Estate Investor! Therefore, the additional area beyond east of Agra Canal, south and South-West of the town is being proposed for the development of additional urbanizable area for additional population as a part of Plwn Master Plan For execution of any project, the project proponent will have to obtain environmental clearance in terms of notification dated the 14 th September,which is mandatory in nature.

An area of hectares, has been proposed for commercial purpose.

Haryana Government Notifies Faridabad Master Plan 2031

You can download the proposed land use maps from below. Approval to high rise societies.

One town level green area already exists in sector For smooth faridabaad of traffic in the proposed urbanizable area, an integrated system of transportation and road network has been provided. As described above, the circulation system of the town shall have Gridiron System. The industrial belt in sector 15A proposed in FDP Faridabad-Ballabgarh Complex AD along National Highway has now been proposed as Mixed land use wherein residential, commercial and industrial activities shall be permissible.


This Plan had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, beyond Gurugram-Agra Canal in the East and up to the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the South.

Faridabad Master Plan – Myfaridabad Community Portal

In order to cater to the growing population in the industrial town, the Haryana government recently approved the Master Plan for Faridabad. For proper linkages of urbanizable proposals on eastern and western side of the Railway line, it is necessary to have Railway Bridges.

Due to mastef existence of industries in Sector 13, land use, there has been changed from institutional to industrial-cum-institutional, said he. It is one of the largest agglomerations consisting of three towns, namely Faridabad Old, Ballabgarh and N. Central Park shall be developed in the open space zone proposed along the eastern peripheral road of Final Development plan A.

It envisages a population of Similarly, this town cannot be expanded towards its north due to the constraint of Haryana-Delhi border. In addition to special zone-1, another special zone i. Existing Faridabad-Dankaur road widened to 30 metre along mastwr 30 metre wide green belt on both sides up to urbanizable limit. Faridabad has lagged behind in these sectors and is now gearing up to catch up with Gurgaon and Noida. The river Yamuna forms the eastern district boundary with Uttar Pradesh.

For a projected population of 10 lacs for the yeara draft development plan was published-vide Gazette notification No.