Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Arena book by William R. Forstchen. As the fighter-mages of the four great Houses prepare for their annual battle, a powerful stranger. Arena is the very first Magic novel ever produced. It was published in November , and was written by William R. Forstchen. Arena is not.

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Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen

This is probably my favorite book. The basic premise is that a mysterious one-eyed stranger arrives in town on the eve of the annual forstchn festival actual magic Everyone is very concerned with “mana,” which is the power that magical things in this world run on. Every year, the city hosts a tournament in the Arena, called the Festival of Estark.

Mar 26, Anders Fleck rated it it was amazing. Forstdhen first half of the book was just Planeswalkers are mentioned but none of the characters are familiar to the history of magic I am familiar with.

Arena (novel) – MTG Wiki

The story is fast paced and while a bit more description could have been used I as a reader always knew what was going on and never needed more information that what was given. It was the first real fantasy book I read and I’m thinking about writing a full review on it later. The characters are paper-thin and the plot is pretty pulpy, inspired – as several reviews have pointed out – by the timeless tale of Afena. I don’t always need or want to read nuanced, complicated novels with twists and turns that keep me guessing.


For me, this is a five star read because it knows what it is and the author indulges in every word of it.

Arena (novel)

Preview — Arena by William R. May 22, Nick rated aerna liked it Shelves: While in Estark, Garth witnesses a skilled Benalish warrior win a fight in the streets, even though her opponent fought dishonorably and failed to pay the bet. The Gathering, the story of Garth One-Eye blew me away.

And the fact that he took all the good cards involving dragons and stone demons and such while leaving me with cards like “Drought” and “Hornets” just made me decide he was kind of a cheating wrena. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Jul 09, Frank Granlund rated it really liked it. Forstchen resides near Asheville, North Carolina with his daughter Meghan.

The Gathering” or are extremely desperate for something to read and there are no magazines or grocery store circulars available, you could do worse than this. The author created a relatively complete world, replete with customs and a mythos to support it. Arena is the very first Magic novel ever produced. I don’t want to give away anything, but the treachery and twists make this a fun read.

Not to mention unbearably dull. Oct 24, Shannon Peil rated it really liked it.

Garth quickly becomes known as One-Eye after winning a magical duel on a public street. God, that was over 10 years ago. Apr 28, CJ rated it it was ok Shelves: The way he avoids backstory or emotional reactions is similarly relieving, because he can’t manage to be consistent with it, and it’s annoying to have to think of the author as The Emotionally Retarded Man. Agena by William R. And I love a good circle of protection. Norreen and Garth return, having defeated Planeswalker Kuthuman and sealed the portal he used so he could not return.


I know this book is far from awesome, however, I still enjoy reading it. His other interests include archaeology, and he has participated in several expeditions to Mongolia and Russia.

The Gathering, but this is the only one I kept after my big move. Like the magic itself, it’ll consume you. This was sitting in my desk drawer because I had every intention of trying to convert it to a eReader format s I know my rating is skewed aren nostalgia and you know what?

She has entered the city to earn the title of Hero, so that she might escape the caste system of her home, since her caste, the 7th, is currently at the bottom and any of higher castes could demand anything of her.

Any fighters who oppose this are instantly killed by them. After an intense battle, Garth stabs a dagger in Zarel’s chest, killing him.

For even as the fighter-mages of the four great houses prepare for their annual battle in the arena, a stranger arrives for Festival. After this, the four surviving Houses have fought in ever-bloodier gladiatorial wizard matches. The reasons are thus: I have 5 used books coming in the flrstchen now so hopefully my desire to read will bump up a bit and I can still manage to hit my yearly goal.