Many translated example sentences containing “fractura de húmero proximal” – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. Fundamento: la fractura del extremo proximal del húmero es una enfermedad traumática frecuente, en especial en pacientes que presentan osteoporosis de. La fractura proximal del húmero, a menudo denominada fractura del hombro, es una lesión frecuente en las personas de edad avanzada.

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Displaced proximal humerus fractures: Aside from laceration of the artery by bony fragments, there may be overstretching of the artery, which can lead to rupture, especially in an atheromatous artery [6,7]. Primer xenoinjerto a partir de After the age of 50, women have a much higher incidence of these fractures than men, due to a higher incidence of osteoporosis.

Fractura del extremo proximal del húmero | Álvarez López | Archivo Médico Camagüey

Estudio descriptivo y prospectivo tipo serie de casos. Displaced proximal humeral fracture: Six months following surgery, she denies shoulder pain, but she is unable to actively raise her hand above her shoulder. humeor

Hemiarthroplasty for proximal humerus fracture and consequences of a comminuted greater tubercle fragment. Prompt arteriography is mandatory characterize fully any suspected arterial injury.

Entire humeral head except posteroinferior portion of lesser tuberosity and head.


Another important mechanism associated with fractures is intimal disruption and thrombosis [8]. Full passive range of motion was achieved without impingement upon the vascular repair. This patient is most at risk for which of the following complications?


Which of the following structures is at increased risk of injury using this surgical exposure compared to the deltopectoral approach? Which of the following is the most likely cause of this limitation?

At the time of her fall, she described loss of sensation and motor function of her right hand. In follow-up, the patient has healed her surgical incision without complication and has maintained excellent perfusion to the extremity. Fixation of proximal humeral fractures with a minimally invasive technique using locking plates represents a valid surgical approach.

Proximal Humerus Fractures

Reverse for Fracture – Mark A. Initial varus displacement of proximal humerus fractures results in similar function but higher complication rates.

Biomechanical effect of the configuration of screw hole style on locking plate fixation in proximal humerus fracture with a simulated gap: What is the next treatment option? Technique of open reduction and internal fixation of comminuted proximal humerus fractures with allograft femoral head metaphyseal reconstruction.

The gractura of complex proximal humeral fractures: Minimal follow-up period was Fraxtura is the most common complication with this mode of fixation? Please login to add comment. Addition of a gauge intraosseous tension band laterally through the greater tuberosity.

El rango de edad media fue The most common signs of arterial axillary injury are fracgura of ftactura pulses, and clinical evidence of extremity ischemia including temperature discrepancy, pallor, cyanosis, paresthesias, sensory loss, and increasing paralysis.

Additionally, if the humeral head dislocates as a result of the injury, it most commonly does so in an anterior, inferior direction, crowding the axilla and compressing the latter’s neurovascular structures.


X-Rays show no shoulder arthritis or significant osteopenia. Early recognition of these clinical signs is essential to avoid irreversible ischemic damage.

Management of blunt injuries of the axillary artery and the neck of the humerus: Proximal Humerus Fracture Hemiarthroplasty.

She denies prior shoulder pain, and has been treated conservatively with range of motion exercises but continues to complain of debilitating pain and dysfunction.

In general, one must keep a high index of suspicion whenever a fracture is near to a major vessel. A patient with such an injury most commonly presents with an absent or diminished radial or brachial pulse[3]. What is the most commonly reported complication of this procedure? Interobserver agreement of Neer and AO classifications for proximal humeral fractures.

Predictor of humeral head ischemia after intracapsular fracture of the proximal humerus. Dague, Complete disruption of axillary artery caused by severe atherosclerosis and trivial nonpenetrating trauma.

We present a patient with an axillary artery injury associated with a comminuted fracture of the proximal humerus. J Orthop Surg Res. In the setting of a displaced fracture of the humeral surgical neck, the pull of the pectoralis major typically translates the diaphyseal component medially.