The largest verified database of nutrition information. Fuddruckers Nutrition Information, Calories, Allergens. Fuddruckers nutrition facts and nutritional information. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for Fuddruckers and over other foods at.

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That said, some people, like myself, like to know what the hell it is that we nutrotion putting into our bodies! If you are thinking to yourself, “we all know what a 1 pound hamburger contains,” then — without looking it up — please post in the comments section your guess for calories and saturated fat as a percentage of the daily recommendation.

Potato Wedges Serving Size: Drink water with it and you should be fine. That being said McDonalds while not my first choice has their information on the back of a menu.

This is hardly a secret, and nutritional information is widely available from fudruckers of sources online. It’s no surprise that Fuddruckers isn’t exactly health food, but with some smart choices you can enjoy a Fuddruckers meal and not go too far overboard. If you’re going to Fuddruckers or any other fast food burger place, chances are you are not going to get a ‘nutritional’ meal.

U.S. Food Policy: Fuddruckers nutrition games

A popular side choice, the Fudd fries have calories and 3 g of fat. Fat isn’t bad, too much fat is bad.


I personally boycott any restaurant that does not offer the info, because my daughter is diabetic Type 1 and guessing at the carb content is not something I’m going to do when it comes to her life. Not posting nutrition and allergen info is a loss all around. Fans of Fuddruckers restaurant know that their tasty burgers are fuddruckfrs a contender.

Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

People want to know the nutritional content of what they are eating. I’m about to go eat at Fuddruckers tonight, and I really wanted the nutritional fuddruckerw first!

The sweet potato fries offer a little more nutritional value and, since they’re only lightly salted, they’re lower in sodium. If dieting, simply stay away from these places. Under the category “viral,” the Adrants weblog reports that Fuddruckers restaurant chain is behind a fake advertisement on the internet for a “beef relief patch. Choose what best fits to your criteria for Fuddruckers Nutrition. If your on a diet for a fuddruckerd reason ie Diabetic. How can find a way to add fat to spices??

I so agree – I just want to know! I think it’s pretty bad because there are people out there that can only eat certain things because of things like diabetes and certain food intolerances. Damn for all that I could have been better off with a burger.

Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

I have a lot more info, but I would recommend going nutrituon to a Fuddruckers a day or two in advance and asking for this info it does exist!! The only one you can blame is yourself. Bun 3 Oz Fuddruckers Serving Size: I usually track what I eat right after I nutritiom it, but when I came home to track my Fuddrucker’s chicken tenders, I had no luck. I have to waive the bs flag here.


I too just started counting calories and fat. I am not nufrition to punish my kids because I am on a diet. Having carb info is essential for calculating the amount of nutritikn he needs to eat a meal. Burger From Fuddruckers Serving Size: First of all, to the guy that said if you eat at Fuddruckers you are “off diet” Our Full Menu Livestrong.

Its already required on the raw ingredients. It is so frustrating to try and eat places like this. In Fuddruckers received 56 company-operated restaurants and franchises across the United States with one in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and four in Puerto Rico. Baked goods at grocery stores are the hardest numbers to get.

One Sandwich 6-oz Calories: Fyddruckers Rings Jewelry and more Jewelry Rings related issues, news, research, and much more! I know I went off diet when I ate there yesterday. If I can’t find out what is in an establishment’s various sauces and other food products, then I have to avoid them.